4 Wedding Venues You Never Considered

Traditional wedding venues such as churches, country clubs, and recreation centers are always an option when it comes to planning a wedding. But why settle for the same old thing? Break tradition and explore some of the more unconventional options for your special event! (You may even think about a bowling wedding!)

Here are four wedding venues you never considered but should:

1. The Bowling Alley

If you’re a bowling fan, why not hold your wedding at the alley? This is a surefire way to stand out from the crowd while having some built-in hobbies to enjoy during the ceremony. You can decorate the space to set the mood with items like string lights and custom signs. And bowling weddings give you the opportunity to get creative with the cake—who wouldn’t love a bowling wedding cake?

2. Brewery

Who said breweries are just for beer? You can find a brewery that offers event spaces and hire them to host your big day. Some breweries offer custom packages that include beer tasting for your guests, making it the perfect place to celebrate while trying some new refreshments.

Whether it’s an outdoor area in the summer or an indoor space with all the bells and whistles, brewing up a special day at a brewery will be something no one will forget.

3. Museum

If you’re looking for a more cultured experience, consider hosting your wedding at a museum. There are many kinds you can choose from, consider any of the following kinds of museums:

  • Art
  • Natural history
  • Science
  • Aviation

The advantage of having your ceremony at a museum is that you can use the artifacts in the space to make unique decorations for your big day. You’ll have no shortage of beautiful backdrops and unique venues to choose from. Plus, it could be a great opportunity for some fun photo ops with your wedding party!

4. Zoo or Aquarium

If you’re an animal lover, a zoo or aquarium may be just the place for your wedding. Imagine being surrounded by different creatures and amazing sights as you tie the knot. An animal-themed wedding will be one of a kind—just make sure to check with the venue first to ensure all safety requirements are met.

No matter which unique venue you choose, your special day is sure to be one that everyone will remember. From bowling weddings to the zoo, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a wedding experience that is truly unique and special. So don’t settle for something ordinary—explore all your options and find the perfect unconventional venue for your big day!

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