5 Creative Birthday Party Venues for Children

When it comes to birthday parties for children, fun is always a top priority. Kids want something exciting, entertaining, and unique. Luckily, there are a lot of great and creative birthday party venues in Stone Mountain, GA. It doesn’t take a stroke of genius or a ton of effort to put together an amazing birthday party. The right choice of location can do most of the work for you.

1. Zoo

Most zoos already have fun activities and areas specifically designed to accommodate children and their families. Food and drinks are also readily available, so it’s pretty easy to satisfy all of your friends and family members. Your local zoo is an easy solution that offers something unique and adventurous while being a very kid-friendly environment.

2. Gymnastics Gym

Gymnastics gyms have sports nets, gymnastics mats, game spaces, and free play areas. The location is ready to go when you arrive. This means you don’t have too much to worry about. In fact, most gymnastics gyms have spaces designated for parties and special events. It’s an easy way to let the kids run wild, but with safety measures and supervision in place. A gymnastics gym makes for a fun and exciting birthday party that won’t be soon forgotten!

3. Camping

Some children love the outdoors and outdoor adventures. Camping can be an excellent option for a birthday party. It provides plenty of space and other great activities. Swimming, hiking, and sightseeing are great options. If you want to help your family unplug and get away from their phones and computers, camping is an obvious choice. This even pairs well with certain birthday party themes, such as a fairy party or Robin Hood adventure. If you want to enjoy the outdoors and have a bit of fun along the way, camping is a great option.

4. Public Gardens

Nature can be loved and appreciated without the need for tents. If the weather cooperates, your local public gardens provide the beauty of nature without the need to bring a sleeping bag. The one downside is that these venues tend to only be available during specific months, so you’ll have to check and consider the availability.  Public gardens hit a certain sweet spot, since they give you enough room for playing and games, while still be enclosed enough to make chaperoning relatively easy. If you want natural wonder without the need for a hike, public gardens can deliver.

5. Art Studio

Not all children are adventurers or nature lovers. Some kids are creative and love creating art. If you have a young Picasso, an art studio could be the perfect option for a birthday party. When outdoor spaces aren’t an option, art studios give you the perfect location to let kids be creative and have a great time. Depending on the studio, you can choose to have a local artist walk the kids through the process, or they can be left with materials and tools to construct their creations on their own.

There are plenty of great places to have a kid’s birthday party in Stone Mountain, GA. Arcades, bowling alleys, and laser tag arenas make for wonderful options as well.  At Stars and Strikes, every effort has been made to provide an environment where government COVID-19 guidelines have been met. Always consider personal health factors when making a decision to visit Stars and Strikes. Contact Stars and Strikes at (678) 965-5707 if you have any questions or would like to learn more.