5-Point Checklist When Choosing Your Event Venue

Events bring people together and help to create special, long-lasting memories. There are so many different events happening around the world every day and a wide variety of venues at which these awesome events are held. Bowling alleys are one of the best examples. Birthdays, nights out with friends, family reunions, and more are all celebrated in style at beautiful bowling alley parties. If this sounds like your kind of gathering, then here are five points to put on your checklist before you choose a bowling alley venue.

Upscale Lanes

First things first, you want to make sure that any venue you choose has lovely, well-maintained lanes while also offering bowling alley specials in Huntsville, AL. This is the best of both worlds, as you want a safe and fun place to bowl that’s also affordable. The nicer and newer the lanes, the better. Plus, if you have kids coming to your event or even just novice bowlers, you’ll want to make sure that the bowling alley has bumpers and ramps for people to use. This will make for a much more enjoyable experience for bowlers of all abilities.

Lounge Seating

When you’re looking to hire a bowling alley for parties, you want to think beyond the actual bowling and consider the ambiance and amenities that guests can enjoy when they aren’t aiming for strikes or spares. This extends to lounge-style seating. Some older bowling alleys only have hard, uncomfortable chairs to sit in throughout the space. You and your guests would prefer a bowling alley that offers cozy and comfortable lounge seating in the bowling area.

Premium Lighting

Sure, there may be a few bowling alley locations near you, but you want to make sure you go with the one that can provide the best lighting and atmosphere. Your bowling experience can be elevated to the next level with bright lights and fun, energetic music. You need to be able to see as you’re bowling and trying to top your high score, and you also want to set the mood right with appropriate music. Check with your local bowling alley venue to see what their lighting is like before you agree to host your party there.

Men at bar

Full Bar

Another awesome feature to have in your event venue is a full-service bar. After all, it’s likely that your friends and family will get thirsty at some point, especially if they’re bowling their hearts out! In that case, being able to order a wide selection of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages is in everyone’s favor. Some of the best bowling alleys in the country have big, modern bars where guests can order refreshments and small bites to eat.

Cell Phone Charging Ports

Last but certainly not least, another cool amenity to have at event venue is charging capabilities. While the focus of your bowling bonanza is to spend time with people you care about, it’s to be expected that some guests will want or even need to charge their phones. If you choose a venue that makes it easy for people to charge their phones while they partake in a fun session of bowling, you will have some very happy guests on your hands!

Choosing an event activity such as bowling is great because it can include everyone, and that’s beneficial for your friends and family who want to take part in a day of fun! If you’re ready to make your next event shine, visit Stars and Strikes for the best bowling alley party packages in Huntsville, AL!