Awesome Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties might be something that you looked forward to as a child, but how much have they changed? It can get boring to get stuck in the same birthday routine of going to a nice restaurant or drinking at a bar. You might start wondering about what other fun birthday party ideas might be able to take your birthday to the next level.


You don’t have to be a kid to celebrate all of your year’s accomplishments! You might have had an incredible year where you got a promotion or found the love of your life. It might have just been a better year than usual, and you want to share the moment with your closest friends and family. Either way, here are some excellent adult birthday party ideas to consider.

Bowling Party

One of the great things about bowling is that it’s an adventure for everyone to enjoy. It’s a low-key and fun way to blow off steam, have some friendly competition, and catch up with old friends. Another reason that you might want to consider an adult bowling party is the fact that you and your loved ones can also get some exercise while celebrating.


Of course, there’s another huge advantage to an adult bowling party. It’s affordable! While it might not feel the same as getting a table at a nightclub, it’s a lot more wholesome fun, and it won’t drain your bank account.

Mimosas for Everyone

There are many young professionals that love to club well into the morning hours to bring in another year, but it does grow old fairly quickly. However, the idea of “brunch parties” has risen in popularity significantly, and there’s no real surprises here: who doesn’t like day drinking? If you feel like partying a little harder, there are some cities that have legitimate brunch parties that can feel like weekends at a nightclub.


You might also find a place that also serves incredible food, in addition to mimosas, and it might be a great way to enjoy yourself without having to deal with the inconveniences that often come with nightlife. If you’re a fan of mimosas and breakfast food, this is definitely one of many fun birthday party ideas.

Backyard Dinner Party

There’s nothing wrong with deciding to dress up every now and then, and this is a cool way to get formal while also inviting friends and family into your home. If you have the resources, you can always hire a chef to cater an exquisite dinner – but you can always cook the food yourself. Of course, you should have a spacious backyard before you start planning a dinner party. For one of many fun birthday party ideas, though, there is a catch: you might have to do a decent amount of cleaning up after your guests.


Some adults prefer a bit more formal of a celebration, and there’s nothing wrong with celebrating your birthday in the comfort of your own home. It should be noted that you should consider the dietary restrictions of your guests before choosing a particular cuisine or cooking specific dishes. You and your guests can also drink freely in your backyard, which is a huge plus when compared to a birthday at a restaurant or other venue.