Axe Throwing Comes to Stars and Strikes!

A fun and unconventional sport, axe-throwing is the perfect sport for the thrill-seeker. This isn’t as new as you might think. Beyond being used as a weapon or a tool, axe throwing games and competitions have been recorded as far back as ancient times. Now, it’s more mainstream and has even become fairly popular.


Of course, it can be a little intimidating at first, but if you are tired of throwing darts and are ready for something with a more lumberjack feel, then axe throwing is the thing for you.


Scary? It doesn’t have to be.


As long as you are in a designated axe-throwing area with professionals and keep to their rules, you have nothing to worry about.


Like every other game or sport, axe throwing comes with its own set of rules. As an amateur, you could probably get away with just getting the axe stuck on the target board. While that is a good start, you should know what you’re expected to do here.


A player has a few attempts to hit the target. The center circle gives you the most points while others account for lesser points.


There is likely to be a marked line where you can’t cross while throwing the axe. All you have to do is stand and throw the axe to the circle…sounds simple, right?


Observing the following safety tips for both the axe and the lane drastically reduces the chances of someone getting hurt:


  • There must be only one axe and thrower per lane at all times.


  • Throwers should never attempt to hand an axe to the next thrower, instead, the axes must be re-racked at the end of each game.


  • Anytime you have an axe in your hand, be careful not to gesticulate toward anyone.


  • Always ask for help from the staff when you need it.


Getting Started with Axe Throwing


Now that you know what the fuss is all about, you’re probably interested in playing. Have you ever thought to yourself, “where can I go axe throwing near me”?


Well, if you are in Tennessee, we at Stars and Strikes, Smyrna, have officially opened a ‘Lumberjack Alley’ with axe throwing facilities.


For a wholesome axe-throwing experience, three things are key – a good throwing axe, a stable target, and a controlled environment. Good hand-eye coordination is a plus. But even if you lack that, simply throwing can still be a lot of fun.


At Stars and Strikes, we provide you with all of that and more. We’ve got 8 axe throwing targets, so you don’t have to wait a long time before getting in on some of the action.


At very affordable prices, come down for some axe throwing in Smyrna, TN from Monday to Sunday.


In need of some extra inspiration? At Stars and Strikes, we offer a decadent selection of food. From tacos and pretzels to wings and pizza, you definitely won’t be hungry when you’re ready to leave, no matter how much energy you used up throwing axes.


Also, there’s an arcade and lots of other side attractions for you to enjoy when you are done in the Lumberjack Alley.


What are you waiting for? Are you looking for axe throwing in Smyrna, TN or some other part of Tennessee? Put on your best lumberjack outfit and come on down to Stars and Strikes.


Check out our website at Stars and or contact us here for more information.