Birthday Parties Aren’t Just for Kids! Here’s Why Adults Deserve to Blow Out Candles, Too.

Birthday parties are just for kids? Says who? It’s true that you may have outgrown bounce houses and costumed characters, but you should always feel special on the one day that’s all about you, no matter how old you are. At Stars & Strikes, we think all birthdays should be celebrated — we even specialize in birthday parties for adults —  so we put together a list of all the reasons to say YES! to one fantastic birthday party.

See Old Friends

How many times have you said to a good friend, “We need to get together!” but it never happens? No more letting life get in the way — a birthday party is an official, on-the-calendar, set-a-reminder reason to get together with your friends. In person. And the chance to catch up, reminisce and make new memories could be the best gift of all.

Take a Break From Adulting

It’s so easy to fall into a grown-up rut. Wake up. Get ready. Work life. Home life. Rinse, repeat. You might even be so bogged down with work, after-school activities or just life in general that you forget your big day is even coming up.

Life may get in the way of your Me Time the other 364 days of the year, but your birthday is your regularly scheduled excuse to put your feet up, take a break from the routine, and leave the adulting to someone else.

Feel Like A Kid Again

You may claim that you’ve outgrown birthday parties, but we can tell you first-hand that the parents at our kids birthday parties have just as much fun as their kids. But you don’t need kids to have an excuse to have fun — you’ve got your own birthday to celebrate!

Think you’re too cool to hang out in an arcade? Think again. Your inner kid is itching to play the classics, and you’ll love our newest arcade games, too. Not to mention the bumper cars, laser tag and, of course, bowling! The truth is, you never outgrow fun. A birthday party is one solid reason to embrace your inner kid, leave the actual kids with a sitter, and just have fun.

Relieve Some Stress

Remember that grown-up rut? It causes stress. And it’s known that stress can lead to a number of different health issues. Kick stress to the curb on your birthday with a healthy dose of bowling (it’s good exercise), some delicious food, and your best group of friends.

Party Like a Rock Star (On a Budget)

We are the perfect choice for your adult birthday party. We’ll hook you up with all the amenities for your special day:

That’s why we’re the best birthday party venue in Atlanta for adults. VIP is how we roll. (See what we did there?) Your birthday only comes once a year. Make it count.