Bowling Essentials for Professional Bowlers

If you’re looking to step up your bowling game and turn to competitive bowling, carrying a bag of essential bowling equipment will be extremely helpful in helping you improve your skills. What does a professional bowler need and we do we recommend having your own equipment? We cover that in this blog on bowling essentials for professional bowlers,

Bowling Ball

We’re not just talking about house bowling balls. If you’re a professional bowler, a performance bowling ball is more your speed. These balls are made to hook consistently and are in better shape than balls at the bowling alley. This is because you are the only person who is using them. House balls are useful if you’re playing a few rounds for fun but with all the hands that these balls pass through, the wear and tear starts to buildup over time.

Bowling Shoes

Owning a personal pair of bowling shoes is recommended to anyone who is serious about the sport. For one, it becomes cost-effective in the long run to not rent out shoes every time you step foot in a bowling alley. In addition, this is a consistently good fitting shoe that you know the history of. While rental shoes are doable for one off games, the extensive wear and tear from other players can end up affecting your form and approach.

Bowling Towel

Towels are a convenient item to have in your bowling essentials pack. Professional bowlers use them to wipe off the oil that their balls pick up from the lane. This helps to replace the slick marble surface of the ball and ensures your bowling balls are in the best shape for each throw. Microfiber towels are recommended for this because they’re great at absorbing oil and holding onto it so it doesn’t get transferred back to your balls.

Equipment Bag and Accessories

Obviously, you’ll need a place to store all of your equipment and help you move it from one place to the next. Having to juggle multiple bowling balls, shoes, towels, water bottles, and anything else you may need can be a handful. Pick out a sturdy bowling bag that can easily fit all of equipment.

In addition to the essentials, you can also look into a wrist device to help stabilize your position before throwing or bowling tape which is used to secure a firm grip.

A Great Place to Practice

Finally, after gathering all the essential equipment, you’ll need a place to hone your skills and practice playing your best games. If you are looking for the perfect bowling alley, come check out the fun we offer at Stars & Strikes. We welcome bowlers of all levels. Get in touch with the location nearest you.