What is SPARK Augmented Reality Bowling?

If you are a fan of bowling, you’ll love Stars and Strikes’ newest feature—SPARK augmented reality bowling. SPARK engages every segment of the most ardent entertainment seekers with software that might rock your world. You and your friends can choose between fifteen imaginative themes, light up the lane in… Read More

Why Do We Use Bowling Shoes?

  Bowling is fun, no doubt. It’s a perfect activity for a hangout with family and friends, or even a first date. There so much to look forward to here.   From choosing the perfect ball to the fun music playing and, of course, the yummy snack options, bowling… Read More

Some of Bowling’s Greatest Players

The sport of bowling has a long history, and that history is full of amazing players and performances. If you’ve ever wondered who some of the best bowling players are, you’ve come to the right place. Now, we won’t be ranking the players in this article. These players are… Read More

The History of Bowling

Ever found yourself wondering what the history of bowling is? Bowling has a distinctly modern feeling now, but did you know the game is over 5000 years old? The slick lanes, automated pins, and computers we use to track the game now has origins that date back to ancient… Read More

How to Host a Kids’ Bowling Party

Check out these tips for hosting a bowling party for your kid!

Are you looking for places to hold good birthday parties in Stone Mountain, GA? Why not consider a bowling party? Bowling venues have always been great places for kids’ birthday parties because they offer timeless fun for kids of all ages and require very little planning for parents. If… Read More

Plan a Successful Bowling Party for Your Child

Bowling alley

If you’ve ever planned, hosted, or organized a kids’ birthday party, then you know they can be a lot of work. Sometimes the simplest celebrations are the most fun and require less work from you. Have the best of both worlds with a simple party that all the kids will… Read More

Pocket-Friendly Venues for Birthday Parties

Bowling Balls

If you’re a parent, you know how hard planning birthday parties can be. You have to invite all your kid’s friends, get them the presents they’ve been clamoring for, and you’ll want to find the right venue. Naturally, you can always hold the party at your home, but there are… Read More