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5 Tips for Planning a Killer Summer Party

bowling party

As the time of year for fireworks and celebration rolls around, you may be considering planning a summer party. An outdoor bash may be the traditional route, but with temperatures well into the upper 90s this summer and no end in sight, an indoor celebration–like a bowling party–might… Read More

4 Wedding Venues You Never Considered

bowling wedding

Traditional wedding venues such as churches, country clubs, and recreation centers are always an option when it comes to planning a wedding. But why settle for the same old thing? Break tradition and explore some of the more unconventional options for your special event! (You may even think… Read More

5 Ways to Amp Up Your Next Corporate Event

corporate party

We’ve all been to a corporate party with dull activities, bland food, and the same old atmosphere in the same office you spend your work days inside. But corporate parties don’t have to be a bore—there are lots of ways you can amp up your next event and… Read More

Event Planning Checklist

  If you have a big event on the calendar coming up, you may start to feel the pressure of having to get all of your event planning tasks in order and finalizing details of what needs to be done. We’ve got the ultimate event planning checklist outlined to… Read More

What Goes on at a Lock-In?

  A lock-in party provides a safe alternative for adolescents that keeps them entertained while also away from things such as drinking. Oftentimes this party has designated times where people are allowed in and out. This is usually an overnight activity that sees participants coming in sometime during the… Read More

What to Consider Before, During, and After an Event

  Planning an event can be an exciting process that comes with its share of tasks that will need to be done before, during, and after an event to make it successful. If you’re planning yourself, getting some guidance on the entire thing can make it much smoother. We’re… Read More