Cool Birthday Party Themes Your Kids Will Love

You love your kids and want them to have the best kids’ birthday parties to show them how much they mean to you. That isn’t going to happen without extensive planning and an awesome theme. If you’re having a hard time getting your creative juices flowing, browse some of these popular options.

1.     Spa Retreat

There’s no need to cart the kids to a salon. You can pamper them right at home. Use cool colors like cucumber green and coral for the decorations. Set up stations around some fold-out tables that include vanity mirrors, nail-soaking bowls, and warm washcloths. Don’t forget the cucumber slices! Since most of your activities, such as mani-pedis, facials, hair, and makeup, will be done at the table, you’ll want to make sure you have ample space for setup. Only a mud cake will do for this party theme.

2.     Pirates

Ahoy thar matey! Pirate-inspired parties never go out of style, and there are so many ways you can set them up. Start with an invitation that looks like a treasure map, where your address is the X that marks the spot! Play games such as walk the plank, raise the flag, and dig for buried treasure (works best in a sandpit, unless you don’t mind filling in a bunch of holes in your yard). There are a ton of fun activities for these birthday parties. Props you can’t live without include eyepatches, pirate hats, pirate hooks, foam swords, chocolate coins, and loot bags. Your cake can be just about anything, but a treasure chest is best.

3.     Camping

The coolest thing about camping is that you can do it inside or out. The backyard is ideal for a contained campfire. You can make s’mores and roasted hot dogs for snacks. If you can’t have a real fire because of local laws or general safety concerns, you can build a fake one out of some foam pool noodles. Whether you have a sleepover or not, there definitely should be sleeping bags!  Gather the following for activities: flashlights, magnifying glasses, and binoculars. Camping is all about experiencing the great outdoors and everything in it. For a unique, take-it-with-you craft, have the guests decorate scout badges they can fasten to their shirts and bring home with them once the party is done. The cake should absolutely look like a campfire.

4.     Magic

Sleight of hand, mind reading, and more—if your little darling is an aspiring Houdini, this theme is for you. You can hire someone to put on a show, but you should also set up stations where the kids can learn a few tricks to take home with them, too, such as how to make a coin vanish, rubberize a pencil, and bend a spoon. Provide capes and hats for all guests, and don’t forget their magic wands! For snacks, try color-changing drinks, presto pies, magic wand kabobs, and for a cake that’s sure to disappear, order or make one that looks like a rabbit coming out of a hat.

Girl magician

5.     Medieval

This theme won’t be complete without castles, queens, and kings. Set up an entryway drawbridge to wow your guests. Play games such as foam fencing, dragon-slaying, and pass the crown. You can even get really creative and draft giant bingo cards out of poster board with applicable icons: castle, knight, sword, shield, wizard, etc. Your cake has nearly limitless options, but a crown will always be fit for your royal ruler.

Call Stars and Strikes to host the coolest kid birthday parties in Augusta, GA. They’ll tell you whether your chosen themes will work at their venue or give you more great ideas to get you started on your party planning adventure.