DIY Birthday Party Nightmares

A homemade cake, handcrafted decorations, and original games that are so inventive they’ll break Pinterest when you post them. It’s the perfect birthday party … in your head. In reality, you wish for a decorating fairy and hope you don’t end up one of those “Nailed it!” memes. Here are some of the best (or worst?) DIY birthday party fails, and our tricks for avoiding them.

The cake fail

You’ve watched hours of baking shows, how hard can a homemade birthday cake be? You find out as soon as the batter sticks, flows out like uncooked lava, or burns so badly it may be permanently fused with the pan. And let’s be honest for a second — what do you really know about fondant?

A better idea: Leave the baking to the experts, and leave the rest to us! Our party-planning experts will take care of you from reservation to clean-up, so you can bring your cake and eat it, too.

The big spill

Having a birthday party at home is a great way to celebrate on a budget, but when one of your guests, or the guest of honor, spills red fruit punch all over the carpet? There goes any money you were hoping to save.

A better idea: Party with us, and clean-up is included! You’ll never have to worry about spilled drinks or dropped food, even if it happens (and it will). Leave the messy stuff to us.

The disappearing host

You’re physically in the room, but between herding kids from one activity to the next and scurrying to and from the kitchen to refill chip bowls and serve snacks, and then racing to the store because you only just realized you forgot to buy matches. It might be fun for the guests, but you deserve a few good memories, too.

The unplanned birthday

There’s at least one year of your child’s life where you’ve completely forgotten to plan a party. The usual solve? Grab a grocery store cake, text a few friends to meet somewhere fun and hope it all comes together.

A better idea: Reserve a birthday party package with us, and you’ll have access to our premium lanes, laser tag, bumper cars and exciting arcade — guaranteed. No disappointed kiddos. No exhausted you. Just fun all around!

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