Escape Rooms Are Good Fun for Your Brain

Have you heard about escape rooms? They’re popular destinations for groups of friends eager for a different type of outing, and are often used by businesses as a type of team-building exercise. Wondering how being trapped with people could possibly be any fun at all? Well, we’re here to tell you that not only are they super entertaining and tons of fun, they’re great for your brain, great for camaraderie and may be the outing you most look forward to.

What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms are a physical adventure team-based game where you’re an active participant the room’s story, working to solve a series of puzzles or riddles. Your team uses the hints and clues provided, and develops a strategy to complete the objectives and earn your escape from the clutches of the room itself.

What Will You Find in an Escape Room?

There are several components that make a good escape room.

They are team-based. You really don’t want to try an escape room on your own. It would be nearly impossible to solve and way less fun! Every escape room has a minimum number of participants needed, as well as a maximum. You’ll rely on your teammates to find clues and help develop your escape strategy.

There is an objective. An escape room’s objective is: “Get out.” But each room will have different ways of doing so. You might need to find a key, uncover a key code or activate something that unlocks your last door.

The room tells a story. There are oodles of different themes utilized by escape rooms. You may find yourself trapped in a mansion solving a murder, or in a laboratory racing to stop a deadly virus outbreak, or searching for treasure (and escape!) in a lost temple deep in the South American jungle. The possibilities — and the fun — are endless.

There will be puzzles. These can be word or number puzzles or a series of clues that don’t seem to fit together until you’ve gone through quite a bit of your experience. Put your thinking cap on before you enter and get ready to put it to good use.

The clock is ticking. Every escape room has a time limit. It will vary based on the room, but many give you at least an hour. As the clock ticks down, it can be pretty intense as you scrabble around trying to solve the room.

Why Are Escape Rooms Awesome?

Escape rooms force you to work closely with the members of your team. You can’t go it alone, and definitely don’t want to. This can be great for groups of friends or family, but also for companies hoping to encourage team-building among the staff. Fun and a shared sense of accomplishment are great for building camaraderie, and escape rooms deliver both in a big way!

Escape rooms are also a great alternative to those screens that seem to be everywhere (like in your pocket right now) and interact with others in an environment where cooperation and teamwork result in a ton of fun.

So, if you’re looking for something to do with friends, family or co-workers, be sure to check out an escape room. It’ll keep you on your toes, get your heart pumping and may be just the mental challenge you need after a long day of work.

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