Fun Outings for Colleague Bonding

Office outings sometimes have a bad reputation. We’ve all been to corporate events that were supposed to be an opportunity for everyone to relax and let their hair down but don’t work out that way. Ideally, you want to create an atmosphere where employees can break out of the rut of the regular work environment so they can be themselves and actually get to know each other better. This creates a more trusting work environment, and gives everyone a shared experience that can create lasting bonds. To truly create a fun work outing in Smyrna, TN, here are some great options.

A Long Lunch

Let’s start simple. Everyone at work loves lunch, and everyone — at one time or another — will embark on an unusually long lunch. Why not schedule a lunch so long that no one wants to go home afterwards? Having a group lunch that doesn’t have any time constraints is a perfect environment for workers to just have a good time and chat in a fun environment.


One of America’s great pastimes, a bowling party never fails to please. It’s a nearly perfect event for fostering a sense of togetherness. No one has to be any good, and even inexperienced bowlers will hit a strike from time to time. It’s ideal for providing coworkers a chance to be competitive without taking themselves too seriously.


Escape Room

All the rage over the last few years, if you’ve never been in one, escape rooms are incredibly fun. At Stars and Strikes’ Escapology room in Smyrna, teams have to work together to find clues, work through puzzles, and pick the locks that allow them to escape. It’s a truly unique experience that encourages team building and a sense of fun and adventure.

Arcade Games

Who doesn’t love a good arcade game? Taking your coworkers to an arcade gives them a chance to act like they’re kids again. Divide coworkers into teams, and you can make it into a competition where everyone can try to win at different games that — quite frankly — nobody’s an expert at.

Laser Tag

Perhaps the most thrilling team-building exercise, laser tag is a completely unique break from the regular office. Once you don the gear and divide up into teams, the task of trying to tag your coworkers while avoiding invisible laser beams is an exciting (and ridiculous) escape from the everyday grind.

Happy Hour

There’s a reason they call it “happy hour.” Finishing a long day at work — or in this case, a long day of bowling and laser tag — with drinks with your friends is an ideal finish to any work or play day. Kick back with your coworkers and discuss the events of the day, the gossip, and the 230 you just scored in bowling.

For perhaps the only company outing in Smyrna, TN, where you can do all these things, come visit us at Stars and Strikes in Smyrna. We’ve got bowling, escape rooms, arcades, and plenty of food and drink for the best company outing you and your coworkers will be talking about all year (until your next office outing). Call us at (678) 965-5707 and schedule your next office outing with us today!