Fun Party Games for Kids Birthdays

Every parent wants to throw a kids birthday party that the whole neighborhood will talk about for months after. They want to create memories that their children cherish and have a blast watching their kids celebrate with their friends. The root of a successful party lies in the games and activities that you provide. This is a chance for kids to run around, challenge each other, spend time with friends. 

If you want to have the best party on the block, check out these four games for kids birthday parties that attendees will enjoy. Some are classics, and some add a new twist to the traditional birthday scene. 


Bowling is a great game for kids of all ages. Younger kids can use bumpers to prevent gutterballs and pick up lighter bowling balls that are easier to handle. Families celebrating birthdays can also split their groups into teams to see who has the best bowling skills. 

One of the main benefits of including bowling as part of your party game plan is that it isn’t weather-dependent. A backyard party can get rained out, but a bowling party is available rain or shine! 

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have become incredibly popular in the past few years. A group of kids (or adults) are “locked” in a room with clues on how to get out. They are being watched on camera and can ask for hints when they need them. This is a great way to test your teamwork and problem-solving skills in a fun environment. The goal is to escape within a set time limit – or to be the fastest group to get out.

We offer an escape room experience at a few of our locations, some of which let you choose your own adventure!  

Laser Tag

Kids love running through mazes and solving puzzles. From exploring corn mazes in the fall to building complex snow forts in the winter, children can turn simple spaces into complex games with just their imaginations. Laser tag combines these worlds and lets kids look for specific targets and explore our course to achieve their goals. It is a great experience for large birthday parties where kids play against each other on teams, or for small groups of individuals. Either way, your child is sure to have fun tapping into their competitive side to take home the victory. 

Classic Arcade Games

Everyone has their own favorite arcade game from childhood. From strategic games like Pac-Man and Frogger to competitive games like air hockey, kids and parents of all ages love checking out the arcade and winning tickets as they show off their skills. 

Arcades are great for kids parties because kids can run around freely and parents still know they are safe. Kids can get lost in the worlds of Donkey Kong or Dance Dance Revolution and challenge their friends to beat their high scores. 

Skip the Stress: Let Us Provide the Fun!

If you can’t choose between the top game options for your kid or teen, why not enjoy them all? With our Stars and Strikes birthday packages, you can enjoy everything we have to offer and tailor your child’s special day to their interests. 

Each of our birthday packages comes with an arcade card for each attendee, a ticket tornado for the birthday child, and the opportunity to choose between bowling, bumper cars, laser tag, or a combination of them all. Food is also provided, along with space in our party area to blow out the candles!

Don’t run around this year trying to create the perfect birthday experience for your child. We have their favorite games and prizes at Stars and Strikes. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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