What Are the Fundamentals of Axe Throwing?


Maybe you slay darts at your local dive bar, and now you need something a little more challenging. If this is the case, try throwing an axe! 

Yes, axe throwing is a real game, and it has gained significant traction over the years. We understand it might not seem like the safest recreational activity you could take part in, considering it involves hurling a sharp, powerful object at a target. 

But axe throwing is the most interesting activity around when done in a controlled environment. 

In this brief article, you will learn the basic techniques of how to throw an axe. 

How to throw an axe: The Fundamentals 

Get A Grip 

For a beginner, the basic axe throwing technique you must learn is to get a good grip. A good grip will bring you a consistent throw every single time. 

Using your dominant hand, hold the axe at the bottom of the handle. Next, take the palm of your non-dominant hand and enfold your dominant hand. Finally, crisscross your thumbs on the back of the axe handle to form an “X”.   


Your stance is probably the most crucial element of your axe throw. You want to set up a consistent and easily repeatable orientation between your body, the target, and the axe. 

Once you’ve confirmed the area is clear, assume a stance that’s both comfortable and easy to replicate with every throw. 

You can throw the axe while keeping both feet side-by-side or having one foot in front of the other. Either way, you must maintain consistency in your stance since it will go a long way in helping you become skilled at axe throwing. 


Your axe should make a single rotation (but sometimes it can  make more). Depending on the way you throw your axe and where you stand when throwing the axe determines if you have enough distance or not. 

When throwing the axe with two hands, you should line up directly in line with the bullseye about 12 feet away from the target. You can adjust the distance based on the rotation of the axe. 

Axe Throwing 

Once you’ve achieved the right stance and distance, it’s time to throw the axe. In one move, shift the weight of your body to your back leg and bring the axe over your head to your back between the shoulder blades. 

Instantaneously shift the weight back to your leg in front and bring your axe above your head. Throughout the motion, ensure you’ve aligned your axe perfectly with the target. 

The moment your wrists reach your forehead, let loose the axe with both hands simultaneously, allowing your arms to stretch forward. Continue following through with the motion like you’re trying to reach for something. 

If you follow through with these few techniques and stay calm and flexible, you should hit your target. Don’t expect to hit the bullseye on the first try. Keep in mind the perfect throw is not a natural-born talent, but a skill. Even pros had to hone their skills at one point. 

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