Great Team Building Ideas


When it comes to organizations and teams, “No man is an island” rings true on every level. Most times, office parties are boring and not effective as team-building experiences. They’re often just a bunch of uncomfortable people standing around eating appetizers and hanging out with the same group they always do.


Now, imagine an office party where everyone is having actual fun. Great food, good music, and happy people…that’d be just perfect and great for morale.


Why do team building events matter?


An activity aimed at boosting the relationship between the company’s team members is invaluable. Beyond adequate communication with the clients, communication between the members of the team must be given adequate attention for the good of the company.


We’ve got a few excellent ideas for team building, including –




The great outdoors are usually fun for retreats. You can drop the technology for one night and lean on human connection for entertainment. This is a great opportunity for team members to get to know each other better, build relationships, and develop new skills outside of a workplace setting.




Problem-solving games don’t just simulate the mind of your employees, they also provide an excellent opportunity for bonding. Choose leaders who have the skills to bring out the skills and personality of everyone on their teams.


Arcade trip


Arcades are a lot of fun. The best part? You don’t need to go to Vegas to get the full experience. Just come down to Stars and Strikes. We’ve got some of the best arcade games in one place for your team to have fun with. There’s a mix of new and classic game to choose from, plus an affordable price point. Three words: Game of Skills! Let’s see what your team is made of.




There’s very little that requires people to work together as much as the need to get out of an escape room. At Stars and Strikes, we’ve got a great escape room that requires up to six people to work together for their freedom. At the end of the day, your employees will come out closer than ever before.


Fun at the bowling alley


Time to put on your bowling shoes and toss a couple of balls down the lanes. Keep score and promote some healthy competition between your team members. The bowling alley at Stars and Strikes is a great place to let loose a little bit, and makes for great team building ideas.


Go out for dinner


Nothing brings out the happy side of people more than good food. This is possible at a restaurant, with takeout, or with an outdoor barbeque. As long as the team is together, they can bond over delicious food and drink.


At the end of the day, your company is nothing without the people who cater to the clients’ needs. Stars and Strikes offer you some great options for team building ideas.


You’ve got several great ideas for team building to choose from. From Sunday night specials and unlimited Tuesdays to wild Wednesdays and lots more, you’re spoiled for choice for what kind of fun you decide on.


Bring the team over here for your next event. You can rest assured that you’ll be going back to the office closer than ever. So, go ahead and make reservations at Stars and Strikes in preparation for your company’s team building ideas. Call ahead at 678-965-5707!


Have fun!