How Is Bowling Scored?

Bowling can be a great activity for all sorts of people, and one of the best things about bowling is that people of any age can participate. However, many individuals might still not fully understand how is bowling scored. If you don’t know how to keep score, how will you enjoy the game?


Here, we discuss details about a bowling score so that you can figure out who you won between friends, family members, or a romantic date. Understanding how is bowling scored can be a bit complex, but it doesn’t have to be! Read on to learn more about your bowling score.


What Is a Game?


First, it’s important to understand what a “game” is to learn more about your bowling score. One game includes 10 full frames. However, there are also are games bowled by each person, and the term “per game per person” refers to 10 frames from ONE player. If two people bowl 10 frames, that actually means that two “games” have been played.


Open Frames


If you don’t get a spare or a strike throughout the entire bowling game, this means that your bowling score depends on “open frames.” What does this mean? Well, it’s simple: each frame requires two rolls. Therefore, if you knock down four pins, then five pins – this means that your score is a nine.


This part is easy when it comes to understanding how bowling is scored – you simply add the pins you knocked down on your first roll, with the pins that you knocked down on your second roll. When you add those two numbers, you get the bowling score for that frame.


Spares and Strikes


Even if you don’t know much about how is bowling scored, you have probably heard of a “strike.” A “strike” happens when a bowler actually knocks down all ten pins – but there’s another huge advantage! If you bowl a strike, it means that you are not only awarded 10 points but that you get two more rolls.


This is obviously a huge plus for those who are concerned about getting a high bowling score since it means that your bowling score is 10 plus the sum of your next two shots.


A “spare” is also a great sign for your bowling score. What exactly is a spare? A spare happens when a bowler is able to knock down nine pins. However, there’s a big difference here: with a spare, you don’t get an extra two rolls. You do get another roll, and you DO get 10 points. In other words, a spare = 10 + the bowling score of your next roll.




There’s one more critical aspect of the bowling score! The tenth frame is essential for those who want to know more about how bowling is scored. It makes things a bit interesting, especially if the game was already close.


In the tenth and final frame, you can get two more shots by rolling a strike in the first shot of the frame. If you roll a spare in the first two shots here, you can also get another shot. In other words, you can get three rolls if you score a spare in the tenth frame – and this isn’t possible in any other frame.


You might not know much about how is bowling scored, and you may be more focused on having a good time with friends. However, it’s always fun to get competitive regarding a bowling score and keep track. It can also help when it comes time to make friendly bets with friends or family members.


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