How Long is a Bowling Lane? and Other Bowling Stats

Bowling is a fun sport that has been around for many generations, but not many people know about the facts surrounding bowling and how the game is played. We’re here to share all we know about bowling lanes and other stats and specifications surrounding the game of bowling.

Bowling Lanes

People are generally familiar with ten-pin bowling alleys which are the ones you see at your local bowling alley. These are known as ten-pin lanes because the type of pin you’ll find at the end of the lane is a ten-pin. These regulation lanes are 60 feet long from the foul like to the pins. Each lane is also 42 inches wide with a gutter on each side of the lane.

The lane is made up of 40 thin boards that run the length of the alley. The board is marked with arrows that can help the bowler line up their shots. Each lane also has their own oil pattern that helps to protect the lane and leads to different reactivities of the surface.

In addition to this popular bowling lane, there are also lanes for nine-pin bowling, candlepin bowling, duckpin bowling, and five-pin bowling. They all have their unique dimensions and even scoring systems!

Bowling Pins

Bowling Pins also come in all types of variations depending on the type of lane that is being used. For example, duckpin bowling requires a duckpin lane. These are shorter and squatter pins with 60 feet regulation lanes that are slightly shorter than in ten-pin bowling.

Pins are set up in a specific way in bowling. When playing to knock over ten pins, you’ll find it set up in a diamond formation. Pin spots are designated on the lane and they are 12 inches apart from the center of each pin.

Bowling Terminology

Playing the game also comes with knowing a bit of bowling slang. We’ve got a few fun ones to share with you here some of which you may be used to hearing while others will give you a new way to describe something you already know.

  • Strike- all pins knocked over on first ball
  • Spare- all pins knocked over on two balls
  • Open frame- no strikes or spares within a frame
  • Sleeper- a pin that is hidden from view
  • Leave- pins that are left standing after a turn
  • Double- two strikes in a row
  • Turkey- three strikes in a row


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