How Should Kids Pick Bowling Balls?


Bowling is a great, fun activity. It’s so big in the United States that the industry is worth about $10 billion with over 67 million people bowling at least once a year.


Children are not spared from this. However, most people come to the alley and take their kids to the arcade or other parts of the alley for more “kid-friendly” activities.


Is bowling kid-friendly?


That’s a valid question with a big YES for an answer. Kids bowling can start from the age of three.


Perhaps, parents are worried about their kids getting hurt by the heavy balls or falling on the slippery lanes. The truth is, there’s very little to worry about here.


Special kids bowling shoes that can easily be hired at most alleys provide enough slip for smooth movements but with the right amount of traction to prevent falling.


As for the heaviness of the balls, parents should choose the right kids bowling ball.


Here’s all you need to know about how to pick a bowling ball for your children.


Several factors go into consideration before the right choice can be made here. These include the weight of the ball, the fitting on the child, and the material it’s made of.




This is the first thing you should consider before selecting an appropriate ball for your child. The obvious reason being that they will need a ball that they can actually carry and throw.


Anything too big and they may not even be able to lift it. If they manage to do that, there’s the risk of the ball falling on them or out of their hands and possibly hurting them. The perfect sized ball also helps their game a lot. This will help with how to pick a bowling ball for kids.


To figure out the right size for the ball, here’s what you should do –


  • Go with the rule of thumb


This implies that you should choose a kids bowling ball whose weight matches the kid’s age. Thus, a 10-year-old should play with a 10-pound ball.


  • Adjust a little


If a 10-year-old child feels uncomfortable with the 10-pound ball, you can go for something slightly heavier or lighter depending on whichever feels more comfortable and natural for them.




Selecting the right fit is important to how to pick a bowling ball for kids. The holes of the ball shouldn’t be too loose, and they shouldn’t be too tight either. A poorly fitted ball will prevent the thumb from coming out on top of the ball. Instead, it’ll slide underneath the ball or to the side. Also, the thumb might end up coming out before the fingers.


Be on the lookout for the following when considering a bowling ball fit for your kids –


  • Proper thumb-size – It should feel snug without being too tight.


  • Span – This refers to the distance between the fingers and thumb. To check this, place your kid’s thumb inside the ball. Lay their fingers flat against the ball. The second joint of the fingers should be about a quarter of an inch past the front edge of the holes. Also, when you put their fingers into the ball they should fit right into the holes.




Beyond the weight and size of the ball, the material also matters. Most times, balls for kids are made with plastic and polyester. Polyester balls especially great since they are light and durable.


Another excellent option is urethane. It provides a good grip on the bowling lane and is also durable. Finally, go for a bowling ball with a pretty design. Eye-catching balls matter to kids.


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