How Stars and Strikes Makes Corporate Events Fun

The office is no place for a company party. Take your team out for a good time at Stars and Strikes to celebrate their achievements and make a day at the office unlike any other. Stars and Strikes is the perfect place to host your next company event whether you’re looking to enjoy the holidays with a round of bowling and laser tag or need a fun and relaxing environment to host meetings and presentations.

Bowling is a Team-Building Sport

Bowling is a great office escape for multiple reasons, starting with the fact that anyone can get involved! Unlike other sports, it can be played by people of all skill levels, age, and physical shape. This creates a low-pressure environment for people to have fun without having to be a pro at the sport. Your team will appreciate an activity that they can ease into and enjoy together.

There’s a certain social appeal that comes with bowling. Many of us have very fond memories of times at the bowling alley for family night or with a group of friends. These memories also come with laughs, good food, and even arcade games. We offer all of this at our locations, ensuring that your team will build memories that stand up to the good old days. The goal of these events is to foster an environment where everyone can come together in a casual setting and bond over food, drinks, and some friendly competition.

Positive reinforcement is always beneficial in the workspace. There’s an element of teamwork that comes with bowling that helps build interpersonal relationships. We recommend splitting up employees into teams and get to know each other and build relationships through positivity and encouragement.

Corporate Events

Our spaces are the definition of “work hard, play hard”. This is why we offer meeting spaces that prioritize the needs of your business. It isn’t just an entertainment center that we’re running. We’ve designed cutting-edge environments that are perfect for meetings, presentations, and any other company-wide events that require focus away from the office. Once you’ve finished your meeting, landed your deal, or worked through the business, you can utilize our arcade, laser tag, or bowling alley spaces to unwind.

We offer two corporate event packages that come with two hours of bowling, arcade cards, and a variety of delicious foods from funnel cake fries to boneless wings. There’s no better way to celebrate your team and celebrate your wins than a trip to Stars and Strikes!

If you are looking for the perfect bowling alley to host your next meeting or company party, check out Stars and Strikes. Make sure to schedule all events with at least three days of advanced noticed. We can’t wait to host your team. Book an event online today!