How to Beat an Escape Room: Tips and Tricks

Escape rooms, the new trending way to escape reality and put your mind to the test, are quickly growing in popularity across the US. An unofficial count estimates that there are at least 2,300 escape rooms and more are being added all the time.

Friends, colleagues, and even strangers lock themselves in a room for a set period of time to see if they have what it takes to work together and beat the game.

Ready to flex your mental muscles and learn how to beat an escape room? Keep reading for our top escape room tips!

1. Talk to Your Team Members

Communication is key in an escape room. There is a lot to see and explore in each room. If all team members work together to explore the room and shout out what they find, you’ll save a lot of time over everyone doing their own thing. All too often team members are wasting time trying to figure out a puzzle that another member has already solved.

2. Work on Different Puzzles

It can be easy to end up grouped around one particularly interesting puzzle. However, when that happens, generally there are only one or two people actually working on it and everyone else is just spectating. That means you’re wasting time that could be used for figuring out other puzzles.

3. Ask for a Hint

Sure, you want to get through the game on your own merits, but if you’re all standing around doing nothing because you have no idea what to do next, you’re wasting game time and not having fun.

So, don’t hesitate to ask for a hint. Your game guide won’t straight up tell you what to do next anyway, they’ll just point you in the right direction. Your team will still have to figure it out on their own. Beware, while you can usually ask for as many hints as you want you might receive a penalty like adding time to your final score.

4. Organize Your Objects

As you find objects and clues, organize them and keep them in one area. Put related items together and definitely keep all the keys in the same spot. It’s also helpful to put objects into “used” and “unused” piles, although keep in mind that some escape rooms will require you to use objects more than once.

In the same vein, leave a key in the lock once you’ve used it. Keys will almost never be used a second time and this will save you the frustration of trying multiple keys in a new lock.

Ready to Put Your Skills to the Test?

An escape room is a fun and exciting way to escape from reality for an hour and stretch your mind. Do you have what it takes to make it out in time?

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Apply these escape room strategies and work together with your team to make it out in time. Book your escape room thrill here!