How To Plan a Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love a good party? With the exception of perhaps Christmas, a child’s birthday is often their favorite event of the year. You can make it extra special by throwing a fun party and inviting all their friends to celebrate with them.

Wondering where to have a kids’ birthday party or how to plan it? Here are some tips to help get your started.

Get Organized

First things first, you’ve got to get organized. Sit down with your child a few weeks before the big day and find out what they are envisioning for their birthday party. Let them pick a theme (one less thing you have to worry about!) and build your plans around that.

Once you have your theme, you’ll need to pick out your invitations. Send them out about 3 to 5 weeks before the party to give your guests time to plan.

Now it’s time to go shopping! Head to your favorite party supply store for decorations and party favors. If you can’t find what you want in local stores, try looking online. You can find everything on the internet!

Order the birthday cake or cupcakes (or both!). If your favorite bakery tends to be busy, order it a couple of weeks ahead of time.

Plan for and buy snacks and treats and go grocery shopping if you’re going to serve a meal.

Pick a Venue

So that was a quick rundown of the entire process. But let’s back up a moment. The venue is an important element for your child’s birthday party. It can literally make or break your child’s party. Of course, you should decide on and book the venue before sending out invitations so you can tell guests where the party will be.

Depending on how many kids you invite, a kid’s birthday party can get crazy quickly. To that end, it is important to pick a safe venue, preferably one where you won’t have to be constantly rounding up all the kids and counting to keep track of them.

One where they can be physically active is also a great idea. After all, you’re going to be pumping a bunch of kids full of sugar, they’ll need an outlet for all that energy!

Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party with Stars and Strikes

A bowling alley is a great place to hold a kid’s birthday party.  It’s an enclosed space, making it easier to keep track of everyone. Plus, kids will get some exercise and you don’t have to try to wrangle everyone into paying attention to something all at the same time.

Here at Stars and Strikes, we make it easy to plan a kid’s birthday party. We take care of the food and the entertainment and we’ll even provide a party host to keep everyone engaged and having fun. If ever there was a stress-free way to plan a kid’s birthday party, this is it!

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