How to Plan Out Your Time for an Arcade Birthday Party

We all want birthday parties to go off without a hitch. It’s important that everything is in place and ready to have the best time. But with so much to plan for and manage, what really is the best way to split up your time so that there is a perfect balance between having fun and celebrating? We walk you through an arcade party schedule in this week’s blog.

Time to Prepare

We offer a 2-hour session of fun with each of our birthday party packages but we recommend making all of the preparations beforehand to make sure you can spend the entire time having fun. Have your supplies ready and packed either the night before or the morning of the party. This makes it easy to transport everything from your location to our location and keeps you from scrambling for items last minute.

Plan to arrive several minutes early to move things from your car, set up any decorations you may have, and get the birthday kid and their guests settled.

Time to Have Fun

We all know that the first-place kids want to head is the games which is why we encourage you to let them do so. Hand out arcade cards and give them information about laser tag and bumper car sessions so no one misses out. Setting aside at least an hour for all of this will give them plenty of time to run around and use their video game and arcade card.

Time to Honor the Birthday Guest

After a good session of play, round everyone up to celebrate the birthday child and indulge in some good food and dessert. By this point, everyone will have worked up an appetite from running around and having fun. 30 to 40 minutes should be sufficient. We offer a choice of food and soft drinks with each party package.

With everyone seated and eating, you can also bring out the cake, the singing, and the presents. This celebration is for the birthday child, and this is the time to make it known! You can also incorporate our Ticket Tornado into this time. It shines the light on your kid and gives them an opportunity to add to any game tickets they’ve already won.

Time to Wrap Up

Offer the time for those who haven’t finished playing to get back out to the arcade. This is to encourage everyone to use up their arcade cards and redeem their tickets for any prizes if they’d like. You can send your birthday kid out with the rest of their friends at this point with the knowledge that everyone is able to leave once their parents show up. Take this time to clear out your area while they’re having fun and keep an eye on parents coming in so you can check in with each of them and thank them for the time before sending their kid home.

If you are looking for the perfect bowling alley and arcade combo to host your next party, come check out the fun we offer at Stars & Strikes. We offer a variety of party packages to fit what you’re looking for. Get in touch with the location nearest you.