How to Throw a Teen or Tween Birthday Party (Without Embarrassing Them)

Throwing a birthday party used to be so easy! Remember how your child’s face would light up at whatever game or activity you planned? Now your joyful child has been replaced by a teen and you as a parent are SO EMBARRASSING.

Tween and teen birthday parties can still be fun. Remember, your kids may be maturing, but they’re still young. Check out these five tips to throw an awesome tween birthday party.

Let Your Teen Plan the Party

You could try to guess what is cool to tweens these days, with slime party favors and flossing dance-offs, but what you plan could be uncool by the time the party rolls around. Instead, let your child plan the party theme and activities. They’re getting older and this gives them a chance to own their birthday party. This also takes the stress off of you to learn what kids are into today.

Huntsville Kids Birthday Party Review

Offer Multiple Activities and Entertainment Options

Teens can be picky, so your best bet for a home-run teen birthday is to find a place with multiple options for kids to choose from.

After a round or two of bowling, let your kids compete in a round of laser tag or try to get out of the escape room. They can also explore new worlds with our virtual reality headsets and compete in an epic arcade battle. With so many things to do, teens and tweens are sure to find something they like.

Choose a Location Where the Kids Can Run Around

If your child is reaching an age where they don’t want to hang out with you, find a safe place where they can explore without your direct supervision.

Stars and Strikes is a perfect solution because of our vast array of things to do. The kids can ride bumper cars or hit up the arcade without you having to worry. Just make sure everyone comes back to your area to blow out the candles and eat cake — a treat no one wants to miss out on, regardless of their age.

Find Something for the Adults to Do

If your kids think they’re “too cool” to be seen with you, invite a couple of adults and enjoy the party yourself. You and your friends can bowl a few rounds while your kids compete in their own tournament. This also allows you to have fun while your teen hangs out independently a few lanes over.

Let the Experts Take Over

We can help you throw the best teen or tween birthday party! Check out our Teen Dream Birthday Package, or select the kids’ birthday party package that works for you then leave the hard work to us. We can make sure everyone has a fun and safe time that your child talks about for years to come.

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