What is Virtual Reality & How Do I Use It?

VR (Virtual Reality) is one of the most innovative technologies of the modern era that allow the user to be fully immersed in an artificial three-dimensional environment. In order to interact with such a fabricated environment, a person needs to use electronic head-mounted hardware such as special goggles with a screen. These headsets track the movement of the person, and the artificial environment adjusts itself accordingly.

How Does Virtual Reality Work?

Virtual Reality works using motion sensors mounted on the headset, handsets, and cameras. The most common types of motion tracking are:

Head Tracking

The headset has tracking components and sensors that record the movement of your head to angles and sides. The hardware assigns a three-dimensional axis to movements and directions and works with different tools such as a circle of LEDs, gyroscope, and an accelerometer. It requires very low latency that is less than 50 milliseconds; otherwise, the movement of the user’s head will not adjust with the simulation and there will be a significant lag.

Eye Tracking

Some VR headsets come with a built-in infrared controller. This helps the system track the motion and direction of the user’s eye inside the artificial environment. It offers a deeper and more realistic field of view to the user.

Motion Tracking

Motion tracking has the capability to drive the VR experience to another level. It allows the user to look around and move in the virtual environment and interact with it as desired. There are also many different types of hardware being developed for motion tracking, such as VR gloves, camera arrays, and more.

How to Use Virtual Reality?

Of course, to play games like Beat Saber, Star Trek, Cold Clash, and Simurai at home or at arcades, you first need to know how to use virtual reality.

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