It’s Not Too Late for Summer Fun!

The school bells might be starting to ring, but if you ask us — it’s still summertime. And that means there’s still plenty of time to play. Check out these ideas for summer fun that will help you beat the heat, and the back-to-school blues.


Rumor has it that just 30 minutes of bowling can burn 100 calories, but it can also burn-off a lot of energy — especially if your little ones have spent the entire day at a desk. Throw in delicious food and drinks, upscale lanes, great music, and friends and family, and it’s easy to let the summer fun … roll. (Yes, we did.)


Taking on a game of skill, pure luck, or a little bit of both is a great way to turn up the heat and cool off at the same time. High-tech, state-of-the-art arcade games are fun for all ages, especially when an all-digital system means you don’t have to keep track of tickets. And the best part? Shopping for that perfect prize as a reward for all that hard work.

Laser Tag

The heart-pounding excitement of a good game of laser tag is like phys ed  — if phys ed had lasers, obstacles, smoke machines, black lights, and felt like an action movie. And, if you’ve had a stressful day, there’s no better way than a game of laser tag to pretend stalk your friends, family or coworkers. So gear up, get your game on, and unleash some high-energy fun.

Bumper Cars

Bumper cars are a great way for even little drivers to take the wheel, and the best bumper cars do more than just bump. They spin and zoom too, all in-time to a pulsating laser light and music show that take the fun up a notch. No shower of sparks. No outdoor heat. Just a dizzyingly good time.

Group Events 

If you’re looking for a super summer sendoff — without the summer heat — an arcade is the perfect, family-friendly place for birthday parties (for the young and the young at heart!) church group outings, office team buildings, or just an adventure with family and friends. With so many activities to choose from under one roof, there’s truly something for everyone.


Discounts, events, and bowling specials can make your adventure even more, well, special. We offer birthday, group, corporate, school, and church party packages. If you’re looking for a field trip or after-school activity for your group, give us a call!

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