Kids Birthday Party Must-Haves


Planning a kids birthday party can be stressful. You want to make it a memorable experience for everyone involved, especially the birthday boy oy girl. There can be a lot that goes into party planning from picking out a theme, sending out invitations, booking locations, and many more. It can be easy miss something too. However, we’re here to tell you that as long as you have these essentials, your party will surely be a great one.


Any party involving kids needs activities planned out. There has to be something to hold their attention and keep them entertained. Unlike adults, sitting around a table and chatting is not always the ideal time for children especially those that are younger.

You can choose to have your party at a place that already has plenty of options for fun like an arcade, batting cage, or amusement park. If you are looking to DIY your party plans, you can also host it at your home and come up with your own itinerary to get them active. A couple of ideas for activities could include treasure hunts, mini carnival games, or water balloon fights. To make these even more exciting you can also put together small prize bags filled with candy or inexpensive toys. Get some music playing in the background and you have yourself a party!


Decorations had an air of festivity to your party and can be as over-the-top or as simple as you’d like. Some places will provide basic party supplies which help take a bit of work off your plate. Some common decorations that people will have include:

  • Balloons
  • Banners
  • Streamers
  • Party hats
  • Confetti

You can really be as creative as you’d like with these ideas. There are also lots of cool tutorials online that can show you how to make anything from a cute photo booth background to balloon arches.


You can’t have a room of kids running around and playing without expecting that they’ll get hungry later on. Make sure to have food, drinks, and snacks available. You could plan a sit-down portion of the party where everyone eats together or have finger-foods out on tables for people to grab as they feel the need to.

Beyond providing food for hungry bellies, you also need to plan on having a birthday cake for the child being celebrated. Not only does it give them something sweet, it also is a great opportunity to make them feel special and have all the attention on them.


No birthday party is complete without people to celebrate with. Make a guest list and be sure to give plenty of notice. It can be a kids-only party, or you can choose to include adults that are important in their lives. Don’t forget to ask for input from the birthday boy or girl too!

Brag-worthy Birthday Parties

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