Laser Tag Strategies

Laser Tag Guns

Stars and Strikes fully understands the appeal of a moving target, laser guns, and friendships formed in the exhilarating laser tag arena. It is a fun game for everyone, involving intense shooting stances, sensor-filled vests, and infrared rifles that add to the overall experience. The game is also mess-free and safe, giving an excellent mental and physical workout that is bound to end in laughter. 

Anyone looking for effective leadership training or team-building opportunities should consider laser tag at Stars and Strikes—you won’t be disappointed. 

Five Tips to Improve Your Laser Tag Game 

Although laser tag guarantees fun, it is even more exciting when you know a few tips and tricks to secure the best scores for your team. If you are competitive and want to excel within the laser tag arena, here are useful strategies to help you improve your game. 

#1 Wear Something Comfortable  

When preparing for the game, find something comfortable to wear that is dark in color. Lightweight clothes help you move faster, and dark-colored material blends well with the surroundings to help you stay away from the infrared rifle lasers (at least, in the beginning).  

#2 Learn Defensive Techniques  

If you want your team to win at the next laser tag game, it is essential to learn the layout. Explore the area and determine the spots that provide good coverage. You don’t want to be a “camper” who hides in one boring spot—it won’t win your team any points.  

Instead, move like a crab as carefully as possible, and have a teammate to cover you. If you suddenly notice that someone is aiming at you, try turning sideways. The technique makes it harder for your opponent to hit your vest’s sensors if you are not facing them. 

#3 Communicate With The Team  

Winning at laser tag requires active communication with your team, and it becomes easier with practice. Establish effective ways to communicate with other players in your team as you go. For example, you can come up with signs to alert each other of possible dangers. 

#4 Adopt a Winning Mindset  

Hold the laser tag gun, press the trigger, and shoot to win on your next Stars and Strikes game. Don’t take too much time to aim—you have far more chance of shooting sensors with rapid firing. It is also helpful to turn sideways while shooting so that your face is in the same direction as your shoulder.  

 The stance will also make you feel like you are in an action movie, transforming you into a hard-to-shoot target for the other team as your mind takes on the role. Before and after the game, you will also need to hydrate so that you don’t collapse in the middle of the action.  

 #5 Practice Your Moves 

You can’t expect to win laser tag if you don’t practice. The more you practice, the more hiding spots you find and the more your gameplay will improve. Reaching the upper levels of the arena gives any team a distinct advantage with clearer views, but it takes a few rounds at Stars and Strikes to get it right.  

The ultimate laser tag experience awaits at Stars and Strikes, alongside arcades, bowling, and other fun games. Play laser tag with your friends or organize a team-building event for your colleagues, and get ready for an action-packed day full of excitement and fun. Call Stars and Strikes today at 678-965-5707 to make a reservation and test your latest laser tag strategies or learn more here.