Learn Bowling: Keeping Up with Your New Year’s Resolution

Spring is on the way, so it’s time to take stock of those New Year’s resolutions. Hopefully, you stuck to them, and you’re doing great. If not, it’s never too late to make new New Year’s resolutions like learning how to bowl. Because practice makes perfect, you’ll immediately be rewarded for all your hard work with some impressive scores. If you’re a novice, here are a few things you should know about bowling to get started.

Stop Staring at the Pins

New bowlers will often fixate on the pins when they bowl. This is usually a bad idea. Instead, get in the habit of looking at the arrows that you’ll see about a third of the way down the lane. Another good place to look is the dots that are roughly halfway between the arrows and the foul line. After you’ve bowled a few times, you should have a good idea which arrows or dots you should aim for in order to get the most accuracy.

The Basics of Etiquette

Even if you’re bowling at the best bowling alley in Huntsville, AL,you’ll want to follow the proper bowling etiquette. For starters, don’t stand on the “approach” – the area where a player stands while preparing to bowl. When you’re not next to bowl, it’s better to sit and relax while you wait. Also, don’t use another person’s ball without asking. Even if you’re using the lane’s balls, it’s polite to ask. Finally, don’t mock or make fun of the other players. As an adult, you’ll want to set a good example for the kids.

Learn a Hook

A hook is necessary if you’re going to get strikes. If you’re going to use a house ball, the best way to get a hook is to use fewer fingers, put your hand in a cup shape, and then raise your hand as quickly as possible, straight up, as you release the ball. If you can buy your own ball from the pro shop, it should hook more, but this motion should be enough to get some level of hook out of an alley-supplied ball.

Bowling Shoes and Red Bowling Ball

Choosing a Ball

If you’re not interested in buying your own ball, you can still find the right ball for the best score possible. In general, you should use the heaviest ball that you can comfortably throw. Most professionals use 16-pound balls, but some use 15-pound balls instead. It’s important, however, that you only use a size ball that you can comfortably throw and not feel like you have to throw a heavier ball just because they say you’re supposed to.

Get started on your bowling technique, and soon enough you’ll be scoring in the hundreds. Stars and Strikes is the place to go. We also offer other fun activities for all occasions. Call us at (256) 272-4626 to reserve a lane or book a fun event venue in Huntsville, AL,to host a fun night out.