Outdoor vs. Indoor Laser Tag: How Does It Work?

Neon lights. Mists of fog. Dodging and jumping around obstacles. Sneaking around your opponent. Laser tag is a great way to test your strategy and survival, all while enjoying an afternoon with your friends.

Indoor laser tag is often the default option, but did you know you can play outside as well? Read on to learn more about how outdoor laser tag works, prep tips, weather advice for both outdoor and indoor games, and how to plan a totally rad laser tag party to show off your skills.

The Outdoor Laser Tag Experience

If you ask someone to picture laser tag, they’ll likely imagine a themed indoor course with lights and music, multiple levels and obstacles, and fancy tech and scoring systems. Most of us are pretty familiar with indoor laser tag, so let’s talk about how outdoor tag works and its fun advantages:

Natural Terrain

Outdoor laser tag games take place in open fields, wooded areas, or even urban settings. The natural terrain adds an element of unpredictability that can make the game more exciting. Hiding behind trees, crawling through bushes, and using the landscape to your advantage adds a realistic and tactical element to the game.

Larger Play Areas

Outdoor laser tag arenas are generally larger than their indoor counterparts, allowing for more expansive gameplay. This extra space can accommodate larger groups and offers more room for strategic maneuvers. Whether you’re planning a large corporate event or a big birthday bash, outdoor laser tag provides the space to make it happen.


Outdoor laser tag can be played in a variety of settings, from local parks to your own backyard. This flexibility means you can choose a location that’s convenient for you and your group. Plus, outdoor laser tag equipment is often portable, making it easy to set up and take down wherever you choose to play.

How Do I Prep?

Indoor Laser Tag

Here are a few things you should keep in mind to make the most out of your laser tag experience: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes with good grip so you can navigate the course easily. We recommend darker clothing so it’s harder for your opponents to spot you.

Outdoor Laser Tag

Outdoor laser tag requires a little more prep to guarantee a positive experience. Check the forecast before your game and dress accordingly (layers, rain jackets, hat, sunscreen, bug spray etc.). It’s never a bad idea to bring along outfit options in case the weather takes a turn. Wear sturdy shoes that will protect your feet and allow you to move smoothly around the course.

Whether you’re playing inside or out, be sure to drink lots of water so you’ll have plenty of energy.

What’s the Best Time of Year for Indoor vs. Outdoor Laser Tag?

The time of year can significantly impact your decision between outdoor and indoor laser tag.

Winter and fall are the ideal time for indoor laser tag. You’ll stay warm and comfortable in the climate-controlled environment, regardless of how cold it is outside. Meanwhile, summer is great for outdoor laser tag, with the beautiful weather and longer days. If you live in an area where summers are sweltering, indoor tag may be the better way to beat the heat.

Spring and fall can work well for both indoor and outdoor tag depending on the temperature and your preferences.

Battle of the Beams: Plan a Rocking Laser Tag Party

Planning a laser tag party can be a blast with a little preparation and creativity. Here are some ideas to make your event unforgettable:

Choose a Theme

Adding a theme to your laser tag party can make it even more exciting. Whether it’s a space adventure, a spy mission, or a zombie apocalypse, a themed party adds an extra layer of fun. Encourage guests to come in costume, decorate the venue according to the theme, and make or buy snacks to match.

Invite a Group of Close Friends

Laser tag is more fun with friends. Invite a close group of friends who are enthusiastic about laser tag and ready to have a good time. Keeping the group small ensures everyone gets plenty of game time and can easily communicate and strategize as a team.

Laser tag is often fast-paced and requires quick thinking. Develop a strategy with your team before entering the arena and be sure to communicate throughout the game. Use the obstacles and levels to your advantage and get creative with your tactics.

Practice Your James Bond Moves!

Don’t be afraid to get into the game—channel your inner spy and jump, dodge, and roll to avoid lasers and maneuver around the course. You can even rewatch some of your favorite action movies the night before to get inspired.

Host at Stars and Strikes

For an indoor laser tag experience you’ll never forget, book at Stars and Strikes! We’ve got updated tech that will make you feel like you’re in a movie, complete with music, lights, fog, obstacles, and two-level courses (at select locations) to complete the vibe.

We also offer a variety of party packages and a spread of yummy snacks to keep you fueled for your laser battle. So whether you’re looking to spice up your next work event or plan the best birthday ever for your child, we’d love to have you! Let’s get in touch soon to plan your afternoon of fun—we know you’ll have a great time.