Our Favorite Bowling Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Bowling birthday parties are a smart choice for many reasons — they’re super fun, they keep active kids busy, and you don’t have to prepare for an onslaught of excited children to descend upon your home. After your book your party, you’ll need to turn your attention to making it… Read More

Turn Up the Energy with a Bowling Birthday Party

bowling with an orange bowling ball

Birthday party planning can be overwhelming, and if we’re being completely honest, it can be stressful and a bit of a drag. This is why a bowling birthday party is one of the best ideas you’ll come up with this year — it’s such a huge win-win for everyone involved,… Read More

First-Time Bowling Tips

bowling with an orange bowling ball

If you’re heading out to take on some bowling for the first time — ever — you’re going to want to brush up on the ins and outs of the game itself. While there may not be a whole lot you can do to avoid looking like… Read More

Birthday Party Tips for Active Kids

widespan view of arcade game room at stars and strikes

When you plan your child’s birthday party, there are dozens of things to consider — venue, activities, food, invitations and how to give the birthday kid the best day ever. If your posse of partygoers includes active children or teens, there are a few birthday party tips… Read More

Newest Arcade Games at Stars and Strikes

widespan view of arcade game room at stars and strikes

Are you looking for something amazing to do? Are you ready to get your game on? Good news! The arcade games at Stars and Strikes are waiting for you. We’ve rounded up some of the newest and hottest arcade games at Stars and Strikes, which is totally… Read More