Plan a Successful Bowling Party for Your Child

If you’ve ever planned, hosted, or organized a kids’ birthday party, then you know they can be a lot of work. Sometimes the simplest celebrations are the most fun and require less work from you. Have the best of both worlds with a simple party that all the kids will love and remember. Keep reading for some tips and tricks to plan a good birthday party in Buford, GA.

The Basics

Like any event you’re planning, you’ll need to sort out the details first. On what date and time will the party be held? Think this through; you’ll want to pick a date when the majority of your guests will be available. The best kids’ birthday party won’t be quite as fun if only a few partygoers can attend. Choosing a time when people are most likely to be out of town—such as a three-day weekend or over a holiday—isn’t the best idea. The second logistic to keep in mind is how long the party will last. You’ll want enough time to fit in all the planned activities, but not too much time where boredom can set in. Remember to plan for the activity, presents, cake and treats, and time to greet everyone when they get there and say goodbye before they leave. If you expect parents to drive their kids to the party, be sure that’s clear on the invitation, and you offer any directions they may need.


Sending out the invitations is the first and most important step, obviously and not only helps ensure your guests can come, but it also builds excitement. Make the invitation exciting and colorful. Entice your guests to want to come to a fun kids’ birthday party and give them a general idea about what the party is. If it’s a bowling party, remind them to bring socks to wear with their bowling shoes! If possible, send out the invitations two weeks in advance and ask for an RSVP a week ahead. Usually, not everyone will RSVP, but having a general idea can help with determining how much food and favors you’ll need to buy. Since food is a big part of any party, making food ahead of time is a big stress reducer. If you’ll be ordering food, be sure to call the place ahead of time and ensure they’ll be able to meet your requests.

Party Time!

The day has finally arrived, and your birthday boy or girl is probably jumping off the walls! Gather together the food, decorations, and party favors you may have and head to the venue. You’ll want to arrive with enough time to set up before the guests begin to arrive. If you want, you can take a few minutes to speak with your child about their biggest desires for the party and what they’re most excited about. Ask them if there’s anything special they may need from you during the party or how you can make sure they have the best time. It’s a good idea to make sure you’re on the same page before the guests arrive.

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