Planning a Bumper Car Birthday Party

For many children, there’s no other day that’s as awesome as their birthday. It’s that time of the year when their friends and family get together for a day of enjoyable games and delicious treats.

If you’re currently planning your kid’s, especially a boy’s upcoming celebration, why not throw it at one of the best birthday party venues in Smyrna, TN, that has bumper cars? It’s perfect for those who love cars, speed, and a bit of active fun. Here’s a guide for putting together an unforgettable bash.

Set a Budget

The first thing that should be done is to set a budget and stick to it. This will greatly help you in making preliminary decisions for the best boy birthday parties, like choosing the place, decorations, menu, and entertainment. Another advantage of having a limit is that you can set aside extra money to help you pay for unforeseen expenses.

Pick a Theme

Next on the list is selecting a theme, which will determine the look of the party’s elements, such as the decorations and goodie bags. Since there’ll be bumper cars, a racing motif is a logical design. Think of black and white checkered spreads, table numbers printed on flags, and traffic-cone-designed party hats. The cake can resemble tires and be topped with a trophy or decorated with little sugar cars.

Book a Venue

Once you’ve settled on a budget and theme, move on to the next crucial detail — finding and booking a birthday party venue. There are plenty that you can choose from; just make sure your selection has bumper cars. After all, that’s going to be the main source of fun for everyone. Another thing you should check is if the place can accommodate everyone in terms of accessibility and space.

Kid Birthday Party

Create a Guest List

Ask your kid about who they want to invite to the party. Do they plan to celebrate with the entire class or just a few good friends? Will all of the cousins come? Encourage them to tell you, everyone, they like to hang out with. It’s easiest if you write down names as they’re rattling them off.

Once the guest list has been finalized, send out the invitations. Do this 3 to 5 weeks ahead of the event. This gives everyone enough time to arrange their respective schedules, buy gifts, and prepare costumes (in case the birthday kid requests that they do). Don’t forget to ask them to RSVP, so you’ll know how many are coming.

It’s also a good idea to ask potential guests if they have any food allergies or follow special diets. If they do indicate a specific allergen or regimen, be sure to prepare a separate meal or add appropriate items to the menu. This way, everyone will feel safe and included in the festivities.

While it can be overwhelming, at times, planning your kid’s celebration is just as fun as the event itself. Now that you’ve learned these tips, it’s time to set things in motion.

If you’ve already got a budget and theme in mind, go ahead and check out the bumper car tracks at the best birthday party venues in Smyrna, TN. Stars and Strikes is an excellent place to start. Call today to book your next event! Aside from satiating the need for speed, it also has a bowling alley and an arcade — things that’ll definitely bump up the fun on your child’s special day.