Planning a Fun Fundraiser

Nonprofits and charities can collect a great amount of aid from fundraising events. In fact, events are one of the major channels for fundraising. By planning a fundraiser that is also fun at the same time, you will not only get more participation from attendees but potentially even raise more funds. Engaging and fun fundraisers can also help highlight your cause and get it the attention it deserves from the public.


But planning a fundraiser that is fun and that also meets its primary objective of fund collection is harder than many organizers expect. Having a fun themed event aimed at a certain group will maximize the attendance and the funds collected.


Let’s discuss some fun fundraising ideas to help you decide the theme for your fundraising event.

1- Dine-to-Donate/Spirit Nights

Spirit Nights are fundraising events where supporters of the cause come to dine at a particular restaurant and the restaurant donates part of its earning from that event to the cause.


These kinds of fundraising events will be your go-to option if your targeted audience is mostly the business or white-collar communities. People can come with their families or partners and eat like any normal night out while also knowing that a part of their spending is going to the cause they support.


Add a little open mic option to it if you want to let people express their thoughts on the cause and keep the night engaging. As most restaurants do not provide the option of dine-to-donate, finding a place to organize your fundraiser can be challenging.


A good place to hold spirit nights would be Stars and Strikes. They offer the best rates to help you collect as much aid as possible. From Monday to Friday, they offer 15% payback of all purchases.

2- Bowling Party Fundraisers

A bowling party fundraiser is also a great way to give your supporters a good time while also raising some money for the cause. Attendees can bowl with friends and family while also knowing that a part of their spending is going towards the charity that is holding the event. Stars and Strikes is a great place to hold a bowling party fundraiser. They provide discounted bowling tickets to your organization, which can help boost the margin and raise more money on ticket sales alone.


The attendees will have a good time and your organization will have higher chances of getting more attendees for future fundraising events. Planning events like these are a piece of cake with Stars and Strikes.

3- Game Card Fundraisers

Game card fundraisers are good for audiences like schools, scout groups, and sports teams. Places like Stars and Strikes offer game cards at a lowered price, which your organization can sell at the usual price to the attendees. The game cards that are not sold can be redeemed at Stars and Strikes at any time, since they have no expiry date. The only requirement of Stars and Strikes is a letter from your organization or a tax-exempt form.