Planning the Perfect Bowling Birthday Party In 2021

Planning a bowling birthday party doesn’t always have to be hectic. You can enjoy the process and gear up for a fun-filled day of bowling and much more. The great thing about hosting a bowling party is that the event venues take care of most of the details.

All you have to do is choose the ideal bowling alley and making some preparations. Make plans in advance so you won’t have to stress out over unforeseen items. Prepping for the event will pay off when the guests are all smiles and things are going according to plan.

Choose a Theme

Everyone has a favorite storybook character or superhero, and giving your kid a choice of a theme is an excellent way to make the day much more enjoyable. The theme will guide your selection of activities, invitations, food, and more.

Pick a Guest List and Confirm the Date

Make sure your kid’s best friends are available on the planned date of the party. Once you have a green light from most if not all of the most critical guests, you can compile a final guest list.

Make Your Reservation

Reserve space at the bowling alley by calling or booking online. This is the perfect time to find out critical details about decorations, menu options, and other items.

Prepare and Send Out Invitations

Now that the theme, date, time, guest list, and address are all set, start sending out invitations so people can mark the day on their calendars. Consider sending bowling-themed invitations, so people don’t forget it’s a bowling party.

Wait for confirmations and contact the guests who haven’t responded yet. Check in with them to see whether they’ll be attending, so you’ll have a better idea of the headcount.

Decide on Food and Other Activities

What’s your child’s favorite meal? Do they like pizza, hotdogs, or burgers? Have your child and their friends pick their favorite meals and work with the venue to coordinate when to serve food and other scheduling specifics. Choosing the menu before the big day makes planning the event a lot easier.

Purchase Party Supplies

With the theme set, purchasing party supplies and goody bags should be a breeze. Pick out similar characters or theme colors for the decorations, candles, plastic ware, etc. Put them all in one place so you can quickly grab them on your way to the party.

Order the Birthday Cake

Whether you’re arranging for the cake through the venue or bringing your own, make preparations for the theme to be incorporated into the cake. Don’t forget to confirm the spelling of your child’s name and specify exactly what you want the cake to say.

Find Bowling Alleys Near Me

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