Quick Tips for a Fun Kid’s Bowling Party

Birthdays are a big event for children. It’s a day for them to get together with their friends, play games, and open fun gifts. Most children look forward to their birthday all year long. Parents, on the other hand, tend to dread the planning, set up, and clean up that comes along with every party. The simplest solution that leaves everyone happy is to throw your child’s next birthday party at an event venue. The most popular choice is a bowling alley, and for good reason. Bowling alleys are convenient and keep all the kids entertained for the duration of the party. Here are some quick tips to make your bowling alley birthday party a roaring success.


Of course, if you’re going to a bowling alley, you can easily spend the entire time bowling. But these unique event venues in Huntsville, AL, provide more than just bowling. Party guests can play in an expansive arcade or enjoy such activities as bumper cars, laser tag, and even escape rooms! To put your own unique spin, you can set up a crafting table with coloring pages or small bowling pin figurines to paint. You can even have mini challenges or competitions throughout the bowling game itself. For example, see what creative ways the children can come up with to roll the ball down the lane, such as rolling the ball while facing backward or pushing the ball while sitting down.


Parties need food. You’ll want to bring your own cake and ice cream for your party guests. As far as actual food for your guests, you can bring pizza and juice or order from the bowling alley itself. You can choose whether you want to pay for all of the food yourself or let individual children’s parents pay for food and drinks themselves. Either way, you don’t have to prepare much food and everyone will still be happy.


One thing that will set your party apart from all the rest is the decorations that you choose to use. You can get some fun bowling themed table toppers. Bring some balloons and paint black circles on them so that they resemble bowling balls and tie them to a bowling pin-shaped weight. You can even use clothing to spice up your party. On your invitations, ask guests to come dressed in an old bowling shirt.

Children at Party Venue

Party Favors

Children love party favors. You can provide many kinds of party favors that fit a bowling theme. If you don’t want to ask guests to come dressed in bowling shirts but still want the kids in that style, you can provide the shirts as a party favor. With all the time you will save from not needing to clean your house for the party you can buy the shirts and some iron-on designs to customize them. You can get cute key chains with a bowling ball or a bowling pin on it so that your guests can remember the fun day they had. There are many options for bowling-themed trinkets that you can provide for your guests, both the kids and their parents.

Call Ahead

The most important thing to do with any event venue in Huntsville, AL, is to call ahead. You will need to schedule your party well in advance to reserve the space and go over details with the staff. To schedule your party at Stars and Strikes in Huntsville, call (256) 272-4626.