Schedule a Lock-in for Your Class This Spring

Schedule a Spring Break Lock-in  

Spring break is on its way and you may be thinking about scheduling a super fun event for your class or group. We have an awesome idea. What about a lock-in? And really, is there any better way to kick off spring break than with a bowling party? How about one that goes ALL NIGHT LONG?

What is a lock-in?

A lock-in is just what it sounds like. Your group is effectively locked in overnight. Lock-ins at Stars and Strikes feature tons of things to do for everyone involved.

Lock-ins are a very safe activity because the doors are actually locked. This means your group cannot leave the building, and nobody can wander in. Of course, you’ll be able to leave if there is an emergency, but knowing that the kids in your class are unable to take off into the night is peace of mind indeed.

What kinds of activities take place at a lock-in?

Lock-ins that are hosted at Stars & Strikes are exhilarating and will give your class loads to do overnight. There’s music and there’s food, of course, but we also offer plenty of activities that will keep the party hoppin’ until the break of dawn, including laser tag and bowling.

Bonus! Party coordinators handle the details and make sure that your event is just right for your group.

With so much to do, you don’t have to worry about the kids getting bored. When they tire of one activity, they’ll be drawn into the next, and before they know it, it’s morning and time to go. It’s also good for the parents, who will get back exhausted, happy and probably sleepy kids.

Why a Spring Break lock-in?

Spring break is the perfect time to book a lock-in! Your class probably seems a little antsy this time of the year. Kids have been in class for most of the school year already and the end of the year is still months away. And while our part of the country doesn’t normally get piles of snow and subzero temps, kids can still experience a bit of “cabin fever” when it’s cooler and they don’t get outside as much as you (or they) would like.

Several days (or a week) off school is a great respite, but booking an activity-laden outing gives them a safe and fun opportunity to spend some of their pent-up energy. A lock-in at a bowling alley? It’s just what the doctor ordered.

It’s no wonder that Stars & Strikes is the number one lock-in venue in the Metro Atlanta area.


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