The Trick to Playing Skee Ball Well

Skee Ball is a game that has existed for over a century – it was invented back in 1908. Since then, it’s been a tradition that you can find in carnivals, fairs, amusement parks, arcades, and more. The game involves rolling a ball up an inclined lane and making sure that it lands in one of several bullseye rings.


There’s a good chance that you know skee ball and understand how to play skee ball. What if you’re trying to improve your skee ball score? Whether you are trying to impress your friends, win a bet with a friend, or have some fun with a date – here are some skee ball tips that you can use to elevate your game.


Stay Low


Some skee ball players don’t understand that one of the most important things is to stay low. This is truly how to play skee ball, and there are individuals that even crouch when playing the game. While this might not be ideal for you, it’s something to consider.


This is one of the biggest skee ball tips that you’ll ever hear. You should be rolling the ball, rather than dropping it – and this means that you should be staying low to maintain a flat trajectory. While there is nothing technically wrong with dropping the ball, it’s simply not an effective strategy for a high score.


Go For 40


It can be tempting to use your skee ball tips to go for the highest score possible, which means trying to hit the 100-point hole. For the most part, these holes are a distraction. A much better strategy would be to hit the 40-point hole, and it can lead to your score increasing very quickly.


There is even a term for those who use skee ball tips in order to get 360 points, or nine 40-point shots. This term is a “full circle” and is common among those who understand how to play skee ball.


Think About Stance


You may be surprised to find that one of the most prevalent skee ball tips is strengthening your stance. You might not be thinking about your lower body when you figure out how to play skee ball, but it’s a huge part of the game! Some experts believe that your “stance” is the most critical aspect of skee ball.


Your stance can give you strength and stability. Make sure that your legs and feet are comfortable and stable before you roll your skee ball, keep your knees slightly bent, and make sure that you are balanced through the shot.




With these skee ball tips, you can certainly figure out how to get better at skee ball. If you are new to skee ball, understand that it might take time and effort to understand how to play skee ball. If you are serious about skee ball, you should also take the time to practice whenever and wherever possible.


Ultimately, these skee ball tips will probably help you improve your game. To summarize: skee ball players should think about stance, aim for 40 points, and stay low. With these skee ball tips, you might just end up becoming the neighborhood skee ball champion!


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