Tips for Getting a Higher Score in Bowling

When it comes to fun activities for birthday parties in Dacula, GA, you can’t go wrong with a bowling party. It’s one of the few things you can do where all the kids and adults can have just as much fun. While one of the perks of a bowling party is the kids are free to have fun without feeling like they have to excel at the sport, there’s nothing wrong with doing your best either. A bowling party is the kind of thing that just might get your competitive juices flowing. The next time you take your child to a kids’ bowling party, here are a few tips on how impress the other parents with a high score.

Don’t Ignore Those Spares

Nothing’s more exciting than a strike. You get that huge “bang!” noise, and all those pins go flying, and then it’s high-fives all around. While it’s true that a strike is the best you can bowl in a frame, there’s no reason to get down on yourself just because you fail to get one. Every spare has the potential to double your score in the adjoining frame, so concentrate on your spare just as you would the strikes. If you have a hook, your second attempt in a frame is the time to lose it. When it comes to spares, you want a straighter roll.

Consistency Is Key

Ideally, you want your arm swing and your walk up to the lane to be as regular as possible. The closer you can get to your form being identical every single time, the better you’ll score.

Pay Attention to the Arrows

Pay close attention to where you place the ball and how it compares to where your ball hits the pins. This will give you a good idea as to the severity of your hook, and it will enable you to make the necessary adjustment,s so you can have as accurate a routine as possible.

Ball rolling toward pins

Master the Hook

The secret to getting a lot of strikes is having a reliable hook. If you’re right-handed, you should be able to hook the ball so that it moves in a right to left fashion. If you can get routinely hit the side of the 1 and 3 pins—known as the pocket—at the same time on a regular basis, then you can expect a lot of strikes as a result.

Practice Makes Nearly Perfect

Once you’ve scheduled your next fun kids’ birthday party at Stars and Strikes, hit the bowling alley a couple of times before party day. Practice your routine, work on your hook, and pay close attention to your release. If you don’t bowl a lot, however, leave a few days between your last practice session and the party. You don’t want to compete with your friends with sore arms and legs. That won’t impress anybody and won’t leave you in the position to better your score.

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