Tips for Planning a Kids’ Birthday Party at an Arcade

Arcades have recently had a resurgence in popularity, especially for birthday parties. If your kid wants to have their birthday party at one of the arcades in Augusta, GA, we hope you’ll consider Stars and Strikes for your party venue. Be sure to give us a call to check our availability and ask about party packages. In the meantime, keep reading to get a few tips on planning the best arcade birthday party your kid has ever seen!

Always Look at Packages

As we already mentioned, we have several party packages for our venues. If you want to have an arcade party, it’s a good idea to compare party package prices. Make sure you’re also paying close attention to what’s included in each package. Some packages may include a set number of tokens for your guests to use, or they may offer unlimited play for a set amount of time. Decide which option is best for your party and look for the best price.

Make Sure to Provide Tokens

Speaking of tokens, it’s important that you do provide at least some tokens to each of your guests. Nobody wants to show up to a party only to find out that the primary form of entertainment isn’t being paid for. While you can encourage the guests to bring money to purchase extra tokens if they wish, you should make sure that every kid has enough tokens to play a decent number of games. You don’t want anyone to feel left out if their families don’t have extra money to spend on arcade games.

Book Well Ahead of Time

Arcades can book up their party slots pretty quickly, especially during the summer and on weekends. So, if you have a set date in mind for your party (and you probably do), make sure to call and schedule well ahead of time so you can ensure your slot is saved. Be sure to do this before you send out invitations; the last thing you want is to tell all your guests a certain date and time, then not be able to book your party on that day.

Do Gifts and Food Early

On the day of the party, it’s usually a good idea to do the gifts and food (if you’re serving a meal) right at the beginning of the party. This way, you don’t have to try to round up all of your guests from all around the arcade when you’re ready to do presents. Plus, the kids can come and go to grab extra food if they’re hungry later on.

If you want to wait to do these things—or, for example, if you want to save the birthday cake for the end—then tell the kids what time to report back to your area. Odds are, you’ll still have to go and find a few of them, but hopefully, it’ll make your job a bit easier.

Arcade parties are a great way to celebrate a birthday. If your kid wants an arcade party, contact Stars and Strikes. We’re one of the best birthday party venues in August, GA, and offer a variety of party packages. Call to book your party today!

Please note that we are making every effort to provide an environment where government COVID-19 guidelines are met, and our team is trained in keeping our facility safe and clean for our guests’ health and protection. Please carefully consider your personal health factors when making a decision to visit Stars and Strikes. We will look forward to seeing you whenever it is right for you.