Tips for Throwing a Dog-Themed Birthday Party

If you have a small child, you know how challenging it can be to come up with new birthday party ideas year after year. You always want to try something different, but each party has to be something your child really loves. One clever idea you might want to try is a dog-themed party. If your kid loves dogs, then there are a lot of fun activities for children’s birthday parties in Woodstock, GA, that you can build around a pooch-themed shindig. Here are some thoughts to get all the kids’ tails wagging with excitement!

Decorate Your Party Room

A primary reason that Stars and Strikes is one of the best birthday party venues in Woodstock, GA, is because you can rent your own party room and decorate it any way you like. If you’re planning a dog-themed party, you can cut poster board in bone and paw print shapes and tape them to the wall, while others can hang by strings from the ceiling. You can also paint bones, paws, and faces on balloons and place them all around the room. Buy some long balloons so all the guests can make their own dog-shaped balloon animals. They’re one of the easiest balloon animals you can create, and the directions can be found online. Stars and Strikes has great food, and your newly decorated party room is the perfect site for pizza, burgers, salads, and soda!

Make a Doggy Adoption Center

Bring a small, open-topped, metal dog cage—like the ones you see in real adoption centers—and set it up in your party room with accompanying “puppy rescue” signs. Then fill it with the appropriate number of dog stuffed animals so each kid can adopt their own. Print up adoption papers that go with the dogs that tell the new parent the breed, age, gender, and the history of each dog, so they all have their own backstory. If you want to reserve some lanes, the kids can take their new pets with them when they go bowling.

Create Decorative Dog Tags

If the kids are going to adopt dogs, then they’re going to have to make dog tags for them too. You can create tags by having the kids cut them out of poster board. You or the child can print the name of the dog on the tag with a pen, and you’ll want to have plenty of crayons and glitter on hand, so they decorate the tags the way they want. You can attach the tag to real dog collars if you want, or have the kids make their own out of Velcro strips.

Dog Cakes

After everyone’s had their fill of all the great food available at Stars and Strikes, you’re going to want some cake. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can bake your own, but you can custom order cakes that incorporate dog designs and motifs to complete the dog-themed party experience. When the sugar rush hits, the kids will need to release all that pent-up energy, so you’ll appreciate our huge arcade.

For a dog-themed party—or any kind of party—one of the best birthday party venues in Woodstock, GA, is Stars and Strikes. Plan the perfect party by calling us today at (678) 965-5707.