Top Tips for Mastering Bowling

Bowling is a fun sport to play but it can be hard to truly master. Becoming an expert bowler requires a lot of practice and skill. Whether you want to try out league bowling or improve your skills to show off to your friends, we have some tips to help you master bowling.

Pick the Right Bowling Ball

The first step in becoming a great bowler is to pick the right equipment, which is your ball. If you are just getting started, you only need to worry about the ball’s weight. Once you become a more experienced bowler, then you might consider purchasing a custom-made ball.

When you are holding the perfect bowling ball, it should feel heavy. You should have to use some muscle to throw the ball down the bowling lane. However, the ball shouldn’t be so heavy that you can’t throw the ball correctly or that your arms become sore quickly. Try out a few bowling balls to find one that feels right for you. In general, women prefer bowling balls that weigh 11 to 12 pounds. Men prefer bowling balls that weigh 14 to 15 pounds.

If you are ready to order yourself a custom bowling ball, you will need to pick the most suitable material. Bowling balls are usually made of polyester, urethane, or reactive resin. Each material has different characteristics in terms of durability and hooking potential. They each function best in different bowling scenarios, and each comes at a different price point.

When you are ready to buy a custom bowling ball, talk to a professional and see if you can try different balls to find the perfect one for you. We also have a pro shop at Stars and Strikes.

Pendulum Swing

The pendulum swing is the most basic and most common way to throw a bowling ball. When using this swing, your arm will move back and then to the front like a pendulum. You will release the ball when it comes towards the front. Practice your pendulum swing until you can throw a bowling ball straight down the lane consistently.

Practice a Hook

Once you have an excellent pendulum swing and a consistent throw, you can learn to throw the ball in different ways. A hook throw is a specialty throw that many professional bowlers know. You need to simply rotate your fingers as you release the ball at the end of your swing to throw a hook. This maneuver will cause the ball to spin and hit the pins from a different angle.

You might have some trouble when learning the hook. It can be hard to control where the ball goes when you are learning. With lots of practice, though, you will be able to do a perfect hook every time you try.

Practice Your Technique at Stars and Strikes

If you want to become a master at bowling, then you need somewhere to practice your skills. Stars and Strikes is one of the best bowling alleys in the area and the perfect place to hone your technique. We also offer shoe rental services. We have several locations. Call us today at (678) 965-5707 to reserve a lane for our Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina locations, or at (256) 272-4626 for our Huntsville, AL location.