We Have the Best Birthdays for All Ages!

Hosting birthdays for all ages can be a challenge. You want the kids to have fun and you want the adults to enjoy themselves. Keeping boredom at bay with activities that are age-appropriate can be stressful. And, planning a menu that everyone loves? Forget about it. 

But don’t stress, because we have good news. We have everything you could possibly need for the best birthday party ever… no matter the number of candles on the cake.

Hosting Birthday Parties at Home is the Worst

There’s no need to rent a pony and have some blow-up monstrosity in your backyard. (Also, you can probably skip traumatizing the kids with clowns and boring games of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.) Surprise parties for adults always seem to be a bust and you’re left entertaining guests with your best Al Pacino impression while playing charades in your living room. Finally, the stress of planning, prepping, and cleaning sucks the fun out of the special day.

If only there was a place that had food and entertainment galore and did all the cleaning up …. 

Hosting Birthday Parties at Stars and Strikes is the Best

We might be a little biased, but hear us out. We have everything you need under one roof: food, drinks, games, and activities to keep everyone on your guest list entertained and happy. Your grumpy uncle Jimmy can go watch the game and sip his brewski in peace in our sports lounge, your rambunctious birthday party can run off their energy in our laser tag arena, and after all the fun we’ll clean up the mess.


If you can roll a bowling ball, you can party with us! From little ones to lifetime pros, our bowling lanes are equipped for all skill levels. (We have bumpers and accessible bowling assist ramps, too!) If you’re looking for an upgrade, check out our private VIP lanes. Adjacent to our swanky Blue Bar, you can celebrate your birthday in style. 


Our arcade birthday packages score big points for busy moms and dads, bosses, and anyone tasked with planning a birthday. All you have to do is invite your friends, family, and co-workers to the coolest party of the year. From catering to game cards, we have the perfect package to wow your birthday boy or girl without breaking a sweat. Our super-sweet prize store is just icing on the cake!

Laser Tag

Who doesn’t like running around in the dark surrounded by neon lights and shooting their mortal enemies with lasers? No one. That’s who. Okay, we might have exaggerated the mortal enemy part, but it’s still super fun! Kids, teens, and adults all love our indoor laser tag arenas. Pew-pew-pew your way to the best birthday, rain or shine.

Bonus: Bumper Cars

Everyone becomes a kid steering their first car when they get behind the wheel of our famous bumper cars. Stars and Strikers love to bounce around to their favorite music with cool laser lights and mirrored walls that surround them with the spinning, blinking, zooming action. Strap in and go!

Party Food & Drinks

We have your catering covered! Stars and Strikes has classic party favorites alongside grown-up fare. Yes, there’s even something for your picky vegetarian, gluten-free, dressing-on-the-side sister. Kids love our pizza and handhelds and adults can pick from staples with serious flavor. Our fully-stocked bar keeps the party going!

Packaged to Save

Our party packages make saving a no-brainer. We offer packages that combine your favorite activities plus food and drink from kiddos to granny to enjoy. Though were famous for our kids’ parties, we specialize in birthdays for all ages. If you don’t have a birthday coming up, but still want to host a bangin’ event, we have packages for that, too!

Too Easy Not To

You don’t need to worry about scrubbing the grout lines so your mother-in-law can do the white glove test––followed by children running rampant around your house. There’s no need to plan for parking and combatting nosy neighbors. At Stars and Strikes, we pack all the fun you need in one place. (We even handle the clean-up!)

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