What is a Good Bowling Score?

At Stars & Strikes, we know that whether you play bowling competitively or just do it for fun, it’s always nice to get a high score and win. Bowling is easy to score once you understand the rules. Continue reading to learn more.

Scoring Bowling

Bowling is scored based on how well you do during each frame. In total, there are ten frames in a game and each frame continues two turns. This means a bowler gets multiple tries to knock down as many pins as possible.

Points are awarded based on the number of pins that you knock down as well as your ability to knock them all down in your turn. Strikes are worth all ten points, and you get double the number of points in your next frame for doing well. Spares also get you ahead of the competition by awarding you double points on the first roll of your next frame. If you’re watching the screen, you’ll see “X” and “/” to mark all the frames where a strike or spare takes place.

At the end of the game, just total all the points up and add double points where necessary.

Average Bowling Scores

In this game, the higher the number the better with 300 being the perfect score in bowling. That is equal to 12 strikes in a roll. However, this isn’t a score that is commonly achieved by most people.

When it comes to bowling score averages, you’ll need to look at an individual’s skill level. For obvious reasons, beginners usually have lower bowling averages than those who play in leagues, although there are some lucky instances where novice players get good shots in!

A beginner bowler usually averages between 50-70 points in their first game while someone who is average can score between the range of 130-150. Those that are pretty good at bowling can get up to 200 points during their game. At this point you’re starting to reach professional level bowling as well. Averaging anywhere over 200 shows that you’ve put in the time to develop skills in bowling. Many professional bowlers will score in the mid-200s.

An important thing to remember when it comes to comparing bowling scores is that it’s not just your skill level that comes into play. The conditions of the day can also impact how good of a game you play. For example, lanes in a professional tournament have different oil conditions.

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