What is a Lock-in Party?


You’ve probably heard someone mentioning a lock-in party before, but you didn’t know what it meant. To help you, this guide is going to answer the question – what is a lock-in party? 

Have you attended a party where you had to stay up all night drinking soda, and you weren’t allowed to leave? Then that’s a lock-in party. Lock-in parties are parties where individuals can enter and leave at a specified time. 

For example, if the party starts at 5:30 or 6:00 PM, it will end at 10:00 or 11:00 AM. Whatever it is, a lock-in party must begin early and have a sleepover. The doors to lock-in parties are usually locked to prevent anyone from entering or leaving. 


And if kids and students are involved, they might need to get picked up by their parents or guardians. Otherwise, they’re not allowed to leave. 


Why People Consider Doing or Attending Lock-in Parties 

Lock-in parties allow kids and students to enjoy themselves more safely. They can dance, listen to music and stay up late talking and laughing. What’s even better, alcohol and other substances are not allowed in lock-in parties, especially those with kids. Supervisors ensure the youth keep out of trouble. 

Most parents allow their kids to attend such parties since they are more structured and supervised. People can also bring their possessions like sleeping bags for sleepovers and cameras to capture memories. 


How to Ensure Your Lock-In Party Is A Success? 


Start Early 

If a school or church organization wishes to hold a lock-in party, they should look for party venues early to avoid a last-minute rush. By starting early, they can get the best and affordable party venues. 

 Another thing, schools should start selling tickets early as back-to-school night. They should also give parents an incentive for buying tickets early. The more individuals talking about the party, the more success a church or school will have in their overall attendance. 


Food Supplies 

For a lock-in party to work, the food needs to be in plenty, such as pizza. Tasty standard snacks, such as salsa, popcorns, and chips, come in handy. Don’t forget basic food such as bread and other good stuff for breakfast. Take things a notch higher with a special treat that can get presented at a crucial moment. Places like Stars and Strikes can provide this food!  



Other Supplies  

At night, some individuals might get tired and would want a place to sleep. Therefore, ensure there is enough decent bedding. Other essentials like toothbrushes and face wash will help people get comfy at a house or any other party venue. 

 Activities like board games, bowling, or video games can help people pass the time. Don’t forget phone chargers. A dead smartphone will make some people feel isolated and anxious. 

 Planning a lock-in party is no easy task, especially for parents. However, with the help of Stars and Strikes, arranging a lock-in party has never been easier. We ensure customers get only the best experience. 

 Our lock-in parties include music, games, and good food to keep kids excited all through. And to ensure the safety of kids, we have supervisors who prevent anyone from entering or leaving the party. 


So, if you want help to organize your lock-in party, contact Stars and Strikes today by calling 678-965-5707!