What is SPARK Augmented Reality Bowling?

Spark Augmented Reality Bowling Lane

If you are a fan of bowling, you’ll love Stars and Strikes’ newest feature—SPARK augmented reality bowling. SPARK engages every segment of the most ardent entertainment seekers with software that might rock your world. You and your friends can choose between fifteen imaginative themes, light up the lane in incredible graphics, and even project your own photos while bowling.

SPARK: The Future of Bowling

SPARK makes bowling much more exciting and fun for all players, from beginners to professionals. It is the latest invention of Brunswick Bowling Products, and it really brings that Friday-night casual bowling session to another level. The state-of-the-art laser projection technology means that Stars and Strikes can now help you and your friends get ready to bowl in a whole new way.

SPARK is fully integrated with Sync Invicta, which turns your favorite Sync game into an exciting augmented reality activity. It makes customizing your game easier and enables players to score hitting pins and targets on the lanes, with many other amazing new options. SPARK turns the standard gaming experience into unforgettable fun that feels like you’re in a new location for each game.

Why Choose SPARK Over Normal Bowling?

Traditional bowling lanes are simple. If you want to bowl the old-fashioned way, the normal lanes will do the job. However, if you are looking for something different, we recommend you consider SPARK’s augmented reality for bowling.

Since Brunswick Bowling Products introduced SPARK to the masses, people have got excited. There are numerous benefits over a typical bowling experience, and SPARK provides unparalleled experiences with the latest entertainment and technology trends now available on the lanes.

Whether you want to celebrate a special day, organize a team-building event, or surprise a friend, SPARK will provide you and your guests with endless fun. It is an excellent platform for socializing and connecting with those who appreciate a little escape from routine. Here is why you should choose SPARK augmented reality bowling for your next formal or casual gathering:

It’s a Team Sport

Bowling can be an individual sport, but it is more common for a group of people to get together and bowl competitively. Most bowling alleys have teams and league competitions available, and players compare their scores against others for great camaraderie. We like to think of bowling more as a team sport, and SPARK augmented reality’s technology allows you, friends, and colleagues, to double the fun.

There are Animation Themes

SPARK also brings players their favorite Sync games, making it feel like an immersive experience in popular Rival Rumble or Angry Birds games. You can now have a different experience on every lane, with more interaction in your or your team’s most beloved themes—there are fifteen of these currently available.

You Can Enjoy a High-Tech Experience

If you follow the latest technology and entertainment trends, you will know that SPARK is huge. Why bowl on the standard lanes when you can experience a different dimension? Let SPARK bring your lane to life—you may never want to bowl the traditional way again.

Stars and Strikes is the best place to enjoy the ultimate SPARK adventure. The lanes are limited, so we recommend calling 678-965-5707 today to ensure you secure a convenient reservation or reserve a lane here.