Why an Escape Room Adventure Should be Your Next Team Building Event

While many team-building exercises aren’t always a ton of fun, there are some that can be super enjoyable. Yes, we’re talking about escape rooms, and how this fun activity is an excellent plan for your next team-building event.

All About Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are exactly that — rooms from which you and your teammates must escape. They come in all different shapes, sizes and styles, and while some involve a single locked room, others may make use of several rooms you have to solve to move through and ultimately escape. They all utilize puzzles in some form or another, or require that you find clues which will help you get out. A time limit is usually enforced, which means that you have one or two hours to work together and emerge victorious.

Why Escape Rooms Are Great Team-Building Exercises

Escape rooms cannot be tackled alone. While the minimum and maximum number of participants may vary from place to place, a core feature of escape rooms is that you have to work with others in order to tackle the clues and solve the puzzle. By its very nature, an escape room requires that you to cooperate with the rest of your team, divide tasks and brainstorm in order to be successful.

An escape room adventure can also help you recognize and appreciate the differences in how your team approaches problem-solving. One of you might notice the clue first, while another cracks a key piece of the puzzle everyone’s been racing to figure out, and another might be a supportive cheerleader keeping everyone focused and having a good time. Everyone has a role to play if you want to win!

Learning to rely on your teammates in a fun adventure setting can help lay a foundation that will carry over into whatever job you do together. Employees or team members often work better when they form a cohesive group that can tackle problem solving, work out their differences and keep the team moving forward.

Escape Rooms Are Fun

The best part of this team-building exercise? Escape rooms are fun! And having fun as a team is one sure way to build trust and supportive relationships. Spending quality time doing something enjoyable with your fellow employees, executives or team members outside of work can have many benefits, and can help the entire group form a more cohesive unit that works better together and gets the job done (when you’re actually on the job).

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