Why Arcade Birthday Parties Are Still the Best

We all remember going to arcades with our friends and family and spending hours trying to beat a game or accumulate tickets to exchange for prizes. These don’t have to stay memories of our past because arcades are still as relevant as ever and becoming more exciting and innovative with the passing years. Arcade birthday parties are one of the best birthday party ideas and that’s because you can fit so much at one location. Don’t believe us? Here are reasons why arcade birthday parties are still the best.

Friendly Competition

A bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone. Hosting an arcade birthday party gives you just that. There is a wide variety of games available from racing to dancing to aiming, you name it. Playing arcade games with others builds relationships in ways that other activities can’t. There is opportunity to show your competitive side while also having fun.

Food and Play All in One Spot

Arcades aren’t just a standalone. Oftentimes there are also dining options available. This means that once everyone is tired out or if they’re just needing a break, they can sit down and enjoy some food to energize. There are many options for food at arcades from pizza and drinks to a full out menu in some places. You never have to leave where you are or drive back and forth between locations.

Staff Assistance

You don’t have to do it alone when it comes to birthday parties at arcades. Many locations will offer birthday packages where all you need to do is supply the guests. The arcade and staff provide a space to have fun as well as decorations and even cake! This takes some of the stress of your hands and the need to run around the day of for last minute supplies. It also saves you the worry of having to transport everything yourself.

Sense of Nostalgia

Arcades and video games are classic ways people use to enjoy their time. Having a birthday party in an arcade brings back all the good memories for you and takes you back to when you are a kid. On the same note, it also creates memorable experiences for your kids to look fondly on. Sharing in this nostalgia together is a great way to bond with one another.

Brag-worthy Birthday Parties

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