Why Bowling Alleys are a Great Field Trip Location

There are always reasons to celebrate students with a fun time at a bowling alley whether they’re finishing up a great school year or completed a taxing round of exams. There are also always plenty of reasons to have fun without needing a reason to celebrate like taking an afterschool club out for a great time just because. Whatever the reason is, we encourage a field trip to the bowling alley for a memorable experience and some fun.

Benefits of Going Bowling

Many people think of the traditional, educational field trips when it comes to school trips. These revolve around museums or other locations that teach kids about a school subject. However, a trip to the bowling alley is just as beneficial and we’re here to explain why.

Field trips are unique in so many ways. They give students the opportunity to gain more understanding of the world around them and to build connections. What better way to develop these skills than with an activity that is so enjoyable they’ll forget they’re even learning?

Bowling is a social sport and teaches kids how to interact with one another and in a competitive setting. For some this may be a new experience and for others, this may be their hundredth trip to the bowling alley. When students of different skill levels come together, there’s always learning involved. In addition, bowling can be played as a team which teaches them important lessons in working together, being supportive, and cheering on their teammates.

This is also a great opportunity for students to get a break from their day-to-day and the endless studying through an activity that gets them up and active. This is an activity that will get their blood pumping and their adrenaline rushing.

Our School Party Packages

We offer three main party packages for school events that come with multiple add-on options. You can choose from the package that best fits your needs whether that is the Megablast Package, the Bowling Blast Package, or even the Arcade Blast Package for those who want to use our arcade space instead. These all come with hours of play as well as game cards, unlimited arcade cards, or a session of laser tag and bumper cars.

For school groups that need additional accommodations, we offer private rooms, food, and other customizations that allow you to add a lane of bowling or a session of bumper cars to laser tag to the package. We also have the option to upgrade to VIP lanes where students can try out SPARK Augmented Reality Bowling.

We’re always happy to take on group events and know your students will have a blast!

Stars and Strikes is the perfect place to host your celebratory field trip or event for your school club. We offer a variety of school party packages. Check them out and schedule a group event today!