Why Escape Rooms are Great for Family Night

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Escape rooms are becoming a popular activity for families to enjoy in lieu of board games or movie night. The level of interaction, critical thinking, and collaboration involved makes it ideal for a family who just wants to spend time with each other while also having a good time. These rooms are puzzle-based, mystery-solving activities that require those locked in the room to figure out a way to get out together.

This entertaining activity is becoming commonplace in cities everywhere which means it can easily be enjoyed by those living in smaller towns to those in huge metropolitan areas. The end goal is the same: to get out as quickly as you can! If you haven’t yet experienced the thrill of escape rooms, continue reading to see why these are best for fun and family time.

Time to Bond

Families are always looking for new ways to allocate some quality time into their schedules. Escape rooms are the way to do it because they incorporate game night with a night out with excitement. These games involve working together to solve clues and escape a room. Not only does this create a feeling of competition and teamwork but the added bit of stress that goes into wanting to beat the game can actually bring people closer together.

Eyes Off the Screen

These games involve an hour of focus which means no one will be scrolling through their phones or texting like they might during an activity at home. Not only do some places request phones be left off or prohibit phones in the room at all, there is just too much action going on for your family members to even pull their phone out. Between trying to find the next clue to figuring out where it goes and solving riddles within the time frame, everyone will be too busy to check their phones.

Communication & Involvement

Sometimes family nights end up being more silent than hoped for. You won’t have to worry about that with escape rooms because it requires people to talk to each other to solve the puzzles and figure a way out. Everyone will be jumping to try to help out which means your family will be actively involved and communicating.

Everyone is a Hero

All of the puzzles require different skills which means everyone will get a chance to save the day and show off their talents. An environment like an escape room gives people an opportunity to contribute what they are best at. This means dad can help out with word problems while siblings can be on the hunt for the next big clue.

Escape Rooms at Stars & Strikes

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